Factors to consider when buying a hoodie

Hoodies are the perfect clothing for many different kinds of weather and moods! Designed to make you feel comfortable and pleasant, they come in a wide variety of textures, sizes, styles, and shapes! Get yours on Blvcks – but first, here’s what you need to pay attention to. Make sure you get the perfect hoodie your body deserves, by following this quick checklist and get your new favorite piece of clothing – in just a few minutes. Here’s what you need to think about:



Primarily, consider this – is the hoodie you’re buying going to fit your overall style? Does it match your general aesthetic – does it scream “you”? Would your friends recognize it as you, if they could only see it, or were looking at you from behind?

And if you’re being daring, adventurous, and fun – does your new hoodie choice make the correct impression on people? Is that who you’re aiming to be? When in doubt, a Supreme hoodie can take the edge off. A classic never fades from popularity, after all. For everything else, give the visual appeal a good think before buying. You want to buy things that you’ll love to wear, after all!


Before clicking buy, try and consider what the hoodie is going to be made from. If it’s a lighter material, it could be the perfect hoodie for warm weather – as indeed, many light hoodies can be perfect for an overcast day of summer. Alternatively, if it’s going to keep you warm, such as hoodies made of fleece, make sure you’re choosing one that’s natural and easy to wear. Wool hoodies can seem a bit out there until you wear them – trust us, it makes all the difference.

The feel of the fabric is especially important, as everyone has a unique experience with different fabrics. If you know certain fabrics might be preferable, make sure to sort according to that.


Listen – we all want to be stylish. Look good, feel good, as the saying goes. However, one of the best ways to be recognized for our stylish taste is to get your clothes from well-known brand names. Don’t want to break your piggy bank? No problem – grab a replica, which is a near-duplicate of a known brand, available for regular prices, which is practically indistinguishable from authentic. A Bape hoodie replica is the perfect door for hanging out with the cool people at the clubs. The unique designs that come with each replica are intimately copied from designs of artists of a global caliber – so you can be certain of the hoodie’s appeal.


One of the most key factors to consider – decide where it is you’re going to wear your hoodie! An Off-White replica is ideal for hanging out by the skatepark, or the streets of your favorite city. It is, however, perhaps less visually interesting, for when you’re hanging out with your more artistic friends, or if you’re looking to cuddle up to your significant other.

If you’re living closer to the earth, maybe you’d prefer a hoodie that features a design that’s closely related to something you care about. Alternatively, full color is ideal for stricter dress codes, such as school, work, or anything in-between.

Keeping a close eye on these four factors when deciding which hoodie to add to your collection will immensely simplify the task of finding the perfect hoodie for the occasion. But don’t worry about making the wrong choice – with Blvcks’ affordable prices, you’re never behind on expanding your collection considerably, without significant investments on your part.