Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

Sure, fake hair is fake hair – as it’s not growing out of your head, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it that way. Hair extensions can be pretty pricey, especially the more luxurious kinds, but even those won’t last forever. You need to maintain and condition the hair, the better you take care of it, the longer you can wear them without losing the volume and having frizz up. So if you want to keep your hair in good condition for a while, here are some expert tips for taking care of your hair extensions the right way!

Why Is This Important?

Your own hair can get pretty tangled and frizzy if you don’t use the correct products and brush out your hair, right? Well, the same thing happens to hair extensions, even worse. The hair that’s growing out of your head is still getting some sort of conditioning from your natural oils, even if it’s technically dead – but hair extensions don’t. If your hair extensions start to look frizzy, you won’t be able to make any hairstyles work – it will look like you have a bird’s nest on your head. This will eventually lead you to throw them away and get a new one and the cycle is never going to end until you actually learn to take care of the hair extensions properly. Treat it like it’s growing out of your head and don’t be lazy when it comes to taking care of it!

Depending On The Type

But before you jump to it, you need to remember that not all hair extensions are the same. There is plenty of hair extension type, the most common temporary hair extensions are clip-ins, and more permanent ones being tame-ins. If you are just getting into hair extensions, you probably have one or the other, depending on if you got your hair done at a salon or if you use both extensions yourself. Experts at this site state that every hair extension type should be treated differently! Also, the texture of the hai itself can vary from fine and straight, to thick and wavy so you want to suit the products to the hair type. Real human hair extensions shouldn’t be treated like synthetic – there is a reason why the price between these two can differ, real hair is more natural, and synthetic hair tends to get more frizzy over time, especially if you don’t take care of it.

Before Washing The Hair Extensions

You want to make sure that your hair extensions aren’t tangled, but don’t be alarmed if you can’t brush out the hairs fully. The hair conditioner will later on work wonders for detangling and restoring the hair extensions how they were before. Also, opt for wide-tooth combs and brushes that are suitable for detangling, as regular ones tend to pull the hair and break it easily!

During The Washing Of The Hair Extensions

Depending on the type of hair extensions you have, it will determine what kind of shampoo and conditioner is suited for it. If you got your tape-in hair extensions done at a salon, the hairstylist will tell you what products to use. When dealing with regular clip-in extensions, using a light shampoo that won’t be too harsh on the hair is perfect just to wash out the dirt and clean it gently – put some lukewarm water in a bowl and gently wash your extensions. You can also use hair masks and put them on the ends of the hair extensions, wait for a few minutes, and rinse thoroughly – this will help keep your extensions looking shiny and feeling soft. This will certainly make your hair look gorgeous!

After Washing The Hair Extensions

After you are done washing your hair extensions, you should dry the hair. This is specifically important if you have tape-ins or glue-ins as you don’t want to go to bed with wet hair, it can get more tangled than before. When it comes to clip-ins, dry them nicely and place them in the correct storage packaging until the next time you put them on! Also, another thing you should consider is if your hair extensions are heath proof – meaning if you are allowed to use a straightener or a curler on it. Real human hair extensions tend to act like real human hair so you can try to straighten them and style them without damage, while synthetic hair is often not suitable for heath!

Having long locks is wonderful, but you need to put in a little bit of work if you want the fantasy to last. Spending money on constantly getting new extensions will only hurt your wallet, but this way you won’t have to spend as much and your hair will look fabulous all the time!