Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Footwear for You

Finding the right pair of shoes isn’t always very simple. In a lot of situations, you can end up unsatisfied with the ones you bought because they don’t live up to your expectation. They may be not practical enough or uncomfortable. That is why you should have in mind a few tips that should help you always choose the right footwear. Follow this article to see what you need to consider when buying

How do you know what footwear to choose?

There are many things that you need to consider when buying shoes such as how comfortable they are, how they look on you, are they waterproof, etc. You also need to know exactly what you need them for like work, social gatherings, working out, or something else and you should always know where to find them. For example, when you are looking for high-quality work boots, you need to find a comfy pair that can endure harsh conditions and last long. By looking at the following tips you will have no trouble finding exactly what you need.

1. Look at different factors

Whenever you are trying out new footwear you have to have in mind that good shoes need to have multiple virtues. When you take your time to look at all of them you’ll have no trouble picking the right pair that will not make you rush back to the store to return them. To be 100% sure, consider all of these different factors:

  • Shoes with a stiff back
  • Shoes that bend where your toes bend
  • Shoes that immediately feel comfortable
  • Shoes that are wide enough for your foot and long enough for the toes
  • Shoes that have a small amount of torque
  • Shoes that provide arch support
  • Shoes with laces, fasteners, or buckles for support

2. Find shoes that fit the shape of your feet

Before going shopping make sure that you draw your foot outline on a piece of paper. Nobody has the same shape of feet, and that is why not all of us feel comfortable in the same footwear. That is why you create an outline and bring it with you to the store.

If the shoe you are looking at matches the shape of the outline it is a good choice. But don’t stop there and take them for a test around the store. Walk in them for a little bit to see if they match. If they feel good and comfortable, you have found a fit.

3. Consult your healthcare provider

This tip is important if you have foot problems because some of them can cause deformities in certain types of shoes. Every doctor will suggest you to wear soft leather footwear so they would stretch over the deformity. Bunions should be treated with a wider toe box and hammertoes with a tall one. In case of arch problems, get inserts and in extreme situations order custom footwear. In any case, talk to your healthcare provider who will surely know exactly what you need.

4. Make sure you know what kind of shoes you need

In the end, you are the one who knows what you are going to do in the footwear you are buying. You may use them for walking, hiking, training, working in them, etc. That is why an important factor in all this is knowing and thinking about all the possibilities you need and then searching for shoes that can provide you with that.

4. Make sure you know what kind of shoes you need

  • When you look for boots make sure they have adequate foot support. If not, add arch support.
  • Women who are looking for dress shoes (heels) may find it problematic that they alter their body posture which could be painful. A smart choice is lower heel shoes, wider heels, or heels that don’t curve. Wear high heels only on special occasions.
  • If you are looking for sandals have in mind that they are designed for short distances, especially flip flops. If you like these types, search for ones that cover more of your foot and wrap around your ankle.
  • Athletic shoes also depend on what kind of sport you are going to do in them. The most important things to consider are the arch type and biomechanics. Test them with small walks, jogs, or squats. If they feel comfortable right away take them.

Footwear may be the most important component of your wardrobe especially if you work jobs that keep you on your feet for most of the day. In order to keep your knees and ankles healthy, but also to avoid your feet hurting after taking them off, make sure that you follow these tips to find the right shoes for you. Always look for those that fit you best, and consult your doctor if you need to. Once you find the right ones, you will have no trouble going through your days.