Exercise after pregnancy: How to get started

Being a mom, looking good, and building a career is a successful reality for modern women. Pregnancy is a beautiful period in every woman’s life. It is full of joy and expectations. Nevertheless, after the baby’s birth it is essential to take care of the health, physical form, and general condition of the body. Exercise after pregnancy can become irreplaceable help for the body in restoring and improving well-being.

Body recovery after pregnancy and childbirth: where to start?

When and how to start exercise after pregnancy depends on what the pregnancy and labor were like. Also, there are a bunch of questions before deciding to start exercising. How did you feel during pregnancy? Was childbirth natural or not? How do you feel after birth? Do you breastfeed your baby or not? And these are even a few essential questions to answer before implementing a training program. As a matter of fact, only a doctor can give precise recommendations on when to start physical activity. 

You might start body recovery after childbirth not from gym exercises but from breathing practices, articular gymnastics, and the famous 10,000 steps on a walk, during which you keep an even posture.

A competent trainer will start the recovery process with fitness testing. It is a diagnosis where you measure your body volume and composition, answer questions about your health and lifestyle, and diagnose how you move. A movement test will help you understand which muscles have become weaker, what to focus on, and which exercises are better to exclude so as not to cause harm.

How to come back to your shape: general recommendation

  1. Time and patience. Too intense exercise for the sake of the figure can harm health. It is important to remember that pregnancy lasted 9 months, and the body was changing all this time. It also takes time to get back in shape.
  2. Strengthening the body from the inside to get in shape harmoniously. The breathing practices can help here. Such practices will help to strengthen the core. 
  3. Attention to recovery, not weight loss. There is a risk of getting excited with the work on the figure and forgetting about the main aim – recovery. If you obsess over the scales, try to lose weight as quickly as possible, and indulge in diets and complex training, the body will not recover.

It is crucial to take baby steps during this process for physical activity, nutrition, and daily schedule to help restore the figure and improve the emotional state.

Physical exercise after pregnancy

The training helps solve the question of a figure, apathy, hormonal background, and many other difficulties a woman may face after childbirth. It is essential to care about yourself alongside time for the baby and householding. The exercise will distract you from your daily routine and make you feel like a healthy and beautiful mother. So how do you get back in shape? It is better to start with therapeutic classes: yoga, stretching, myofascial release, and breathing practices. Then you can gradually add strength exercises with your weight, light jogging, and swimming. It is crucial to monitor the sensations in the body during training and how you feel after the workout.

Balanced nutrition is vital

Don’t forget that being a mom is your fundamental responsibility. A prominent aspect after pregnancy is breastfeeding, so proper nutrition is also critical for the baby and the new mother. It is vital to ensure a balanced diet with sufficient proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates for you as a mom. It also works for babies. If you are breastfeeding your baby, it means the baby gets all the necessary nutrients. But what to do if breastfeeding is not possible? Then bottle feeding comes to the rescue. You can check European baby formula brands at Organic’s Best Shop to choose the best nutrition possible. When you are confident about your baby’s food, you will save time for yourself.

Final words

For many women, getting back into exercise after pregnancy is an opportunity to return to a comfortable daily routine, which has a positive effect on mental health as well. Exercising is not only a good looking body, but also a quality of health. 

The main rule in this matter: do no harm! Do not be in a hurry, listen to your body and follow the recommendations of experts. You will definitely succeed!