Essentials to Consider when Picking Golf Activewear

It’s time to pick out your golf outfits and find the perfect golf bag, but you have no idea where to start. Shopping for golf clothes can be overwhelming with so many styles and brands on the market.

You need to consider some essentials when picking out golf activewear for your next game.

Comfort is King

As with any athletic outfit, comfort is king. You want something that fits and feels comfortable and will move with you throughout the game, so it’s essential to find a pair of pants, shirt, socks, and shoes that work for you.

When shopping around for your golf outfits, try them on if possible or look at different product descriptions online to get the best idea of their size and fit.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

According to reports, the global sportswear market was estimated at $239.78 billion in 2018 and will register a CAGR of 10.4 percent from 2019 to 2025.

When you play golf, you get hot, sweaty, and dirty–especially if it’s a hot day or you’re working up a sweat on the course. It’s vital to choose activewear that allows for breathability, so you don’t feel too hot or uncomfortable when you’re in the middle of your game.

You can choose breathable fabrics like polyester, which is light and wicks moisture away from the body during physical activity.

Keep it Cool

Many brands will advertise that they keep golfers cool while they play, but the reality is that you’re not always going to feel cool if it’s hot outside.

Some brands offer golfing clothes like shirts, pants, and shoes with mesh vents or other breathable fabric inserts that provide more comfort in warmer temperatures. Choose something with an open fabric weave or vents to help your body breathe better when you sweat.

The Right Fit

Your outfit should give you the freedom to swing without feeling too restricted or bulky. You don’t want something that will ride up or down as you move around, so a good fit is always a critical factor to consider when looking for golf outfits.

Whether it’s pants, shirts, socks, or shoes, make sure they’re comfortable and not too tight or loose as you play the course.

Good Pair of Shoes

You should never wear brand new golf shoes on the course. When shopping for a good pair of golf shoes, consider their sole and flexibility because these things can make a difference when you’re wearing them on the course.

Golf shoes are also designed with spikes that help give your stability on the grass, so find something that is stable and comfortable for you to wear while you swing.

Keep it Simple

Your golf activewear doesn’t need to be flashy or overly complicated. When you play, you’re walking around and doing plenty of physical activity, so simple colors like black, gray, or white are always safe options that don’t stand out too much.

You can also consider having different color golf outfits for different days if you want to wear something other than your usual colors.

Know Your Golf Brand

Certain brands are known for making appropriate golf outfits, so before you shop around, consider the options that these brands have to offer. You’ll want to choose classic styles from your favorite brand because they know what works well with their material and how it should look when you wear it.

You can also ask your friends or golf buddies for recommendations when you’re in the market for apparel because they may have tried out some of these brands and know their quality and sizing.

For the Weather

If you’re playing on a hot, humid day, you can choose activewear made of fabrics that are lighter than your regular outfit. If it’s on the colder side outside with harsh winds and rains, then consider something that would keep warm and dry on the course like wearing a mens waterproof golf jacket.

It’s always important to choose clothes suited for the weather and conditions you’ll be playing in, so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Use Coupons

While you can save money by shopping at golf stores, there are online coupon sites that offer discounts on the brands you like and shipping deals to bring down your overall costs.

It is a great option to save money when looking for quality golfing clothes that won’t break the bank.

Check the Return Policy

No matter what you buy, it should be easy to return if needed. Some stores only accept returns within a specific time frame, so make sure to check this before you buy or ask an employee about their policies when you’re in the store.

This way, if you realize you don’t like the outfit after wearing it for a few days, you can always return it.