Entryway Closet Designs and Mudroom Closets Designed by Designer Closet Guys

Designer closets are something that everyone wants to have in their homes – especially for the entryway and the mudroom. You need to have cupboards in these two places that can handle all the coats, shoes, boots, and umbrellas that you bring into your house. It helps you out if you have those closets are designed specifically for your needs.

You have to think about your needs when you design a new wardrobe. You want your entryway closet designs that fit the needs that you have. You might have different needs if you have children than if you are a newly married couple.

This article will help you to see what you need in an entryway closet or mudroom closet. It will give you some questions to ask so that you know what you are looking for. It will help you to decide what is important to you.

Tips and Questions

1. Budget and Other Important Questions

This is a very important question to ask yourself – you need to know how much you have to spend on your dream cupboard. You don’t want to design your dream wardrobe down to the details and then discover that it is too much for you. Decide your budget first and then make your designs.

2. See What You Can Discard or Donate

You will need to go through the wardrobes that you already have – what do you have that is too small or that you don’t wear or want anymore? Decide if it can be donated or if needs to be discarded. You don’t want to add a bunch of items to your new closet that is not used.

3. There are Three Main Elements of a Closet

There are three major elements to any cupboard – hanging, shelving, and drawers. See here for more information on these three elements: https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/clean-and-organize/best-closet-systems. You need to decide which of these you will want for your closet. Some people fold their clothes, while others want to hang them. Some that fold their clothes want them to be hidden in drawers, while others don’t mind them showing. These are decisions that need to be made.

4. Can I Get More Space in the Same Size Closet?

If you can’t make your wardrobe bigger, you want to ask yourself how you can make more room in the current space. This can be done by adding double hanging spots, drawers, and shelves. You also need to take advantage of any dead space that may be in your wardrobe by putting in shelves or hanging spots. Additionally, adding deeper drawers can also give you some extra space.

5. The Height of Your Closet Matters

You will want to take advantage of every inch space that is in your closet. Some people ignore the space at the top of your closet – but you need to take advantage of it. Have your closet system go to about a foot below the top of your cupboard. This gives you room to put those items that you don’t use all the time. Read here to see more about the height of your closets. You can make a better decision if you know the facts.

6. Width Matters, Too

You don’t want to have your hanging rods too long because once you load them up with your clothes, they may sag. You want them to be 36” or less for them to work correctly for you. You also want your drawers to be about 24” so that you can fit two stacks of clothing in them. You also want your shelves to be about 48” so that you can take advantage of all your space.

7. And So Does Depth

To take advantage of all the space in your closet, you should have drawers and shelves that are about 16” to 19”. If you have a walk-in closet, you could extend that depth to 23”. Closets that are behind closed doors you have to go a little less deep.

8. Custom or Closet System

There are a few types of closet systems that you could use, or you could have your closet completely custom built. Here is some information about custom made closets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOWOsAm-lx4. If you want one that is not customized, you could have a wall hung closet that is attached to the studs in your wardrobe. You could also have floor based which are built into the floor and can have deeper sections than those that are wall built. Another type that you could have would be a combination of the two with some shelves built onto the wall and others built into the floor.

9. Drawer and Door Materials Are Important

You don’t want to have drawers or doors that look like they come from the big furniture box store, so choose something that will complement the rooms around your closet. You want them to stand out and blend in all at the same time. You could choose a variety of textures for your doors and drawers, and they can stand out and make your home look extra beautiful.

10. Patterns and Colors Could Match or Complement

You want to make sure that your cupboard looks its best, so you want to make sure that the colors and patterns that you choose for it either complement or match the surrounding rooms. You must remember that colors and patterns are important for your design. If you choose to put in a wood grain closet system in, make sure that it doesn’t clash with your wood grain floors.


            If you want to add more space to your closets or add new closets, you have many options. You can make them so that they stand out and look beautiful, or you can make them blend in with the rest of the room. Either way, you get to choose to see what you want in your home.