Developing Your Personal Style

We all have a unique and very personal way of choosing the clothing we wear. You may even have a favorite actress, model or athlete who dresses in a way you admire and like to copy. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all look to others for inspiration. Miuccia Prada of the famous design house of Prada said this about having personal style: “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” We happen to believe that Ms. Prada is correct. Having style does not have to mean only wearing the most expensive designer ensembles on the planet. You can still develop a personal look that helps define who you are and enables you to stay on a budget. The wonderful thing about fashion is its fluidity. There are basic rules you can follow, but today, women are extremely independent in their choices and switching things up.

Sneaker Revolution On The Move

Let’s look at sneakers. Most of us have at least one pair, right? Just a few years ago, a pair of kicks was only seen as super casual footwear for the gym, taking a walk or wearing them until you got inside the office. That has all changed, and the late Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first leading designers to relaunch the sneaker as a great-looking shoe with Chanel Couture in 2014. He sent every one of his 65 models clothed in fancy dresses with sneakers down the runway. At that moment, it all clicked.

The sneaker had been reinvented and remains a hot item once again, especially when you shop at a Golden Goose Sale. Your kicks are now acceptable and cool with more than just jeans, leggings or sweats. By developing your own fashion style, you can create a modern wardrobe with some trends and wear them your own way. Fashion is always evolving, and that’s the exciting nature of it. Every season is different, and designers are always pushing the creative envelope if you will.

Kim Kardashian West Style Morphing

The most famous reality TV star in the universe has also gone through a number of changes when it comes to personal style. Kim Kardashian West is seen as a great influencer for today’s contemporary woman, and she has credited her hip-hop star husband Kanye West for helping her expand her style and take fashion chances. Kanye even tossed out most of her clothing to get her to create a new fashion vision. In 2018, Kim received the inaugural Influencer Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

Designer Tommy Hilfiger believed that the recognition went to the right lady. “Kim is the most important and powerful influencer in the world,” Tommy Hilfiger said in a press release. “Every time she wears, posts or talks about a fashion brand, there is an immediate and significant increase in both awareness and sales.” It doesn’t matter if you like Kim K West’s style because it is hers, and she strongly believes in her look. We all have a personal style and all have preferences for shoes, handbags, coats, lingerie, dresses, jeans, etc. This individuality makes us who we are as people. Some women and men change their style essence over the years, and others do not but stick to garments that have worked effectively for them. If you’re ready for a change that you hope reflects a part of who you are, then begin with your closet. Go for it, and switch up some things. Don’t be afraid to define your vision