Crucial self-tanning tips you must know before opting for it

If we look back at the old days we’ll remember many tanning mistakes we and our friends did. But that’s justified considering the limited tanning product range that was available at that time.

Applying self-tanning products seems to be an easy task, but that’s not the case. It requires dedication and attention. Below we list some crucial self-tanning tips you must know before you opt for it. For a professional tanning service, check out Colour Me Bronze – Spray Tans Sydney.

Exfoliate first!

We suggest you exfoliate yourself before tanning and think about it as the most important factor involved in tanning. Exfoliating makes your skin ready and makes your body adapted to different tanning products. It is very important to exfoliate yourself before tan as it kills the dead skin cells and makes your skin surface smooth and ready to get tanned. This will result in an enhanced bronzed appearance.

Apply Indoor Tanning Lotion

Applying an indoor tanning lotion can be a good option for those who have a busy schedule and can’t go outside for tanning. For those people, applying an indoor tanning lotion without bronzer can be an idle option as it will save time as well as doesn’t harm your skin in any way.

However, Make sure that you must choose the best option available in the market in order to avoid side effect and take full benefit.

Shave before tanning

Many ladies rush to get waxed after the tanning. But ladies, did you ever asked yourself what’s the use of tanning if you’ll just wax it off along with the hair? It is advised that all the shaving and hair removal should be done at least 24 hours before the tanning process. It won’t only result in better tanning, but also the pores on the skin will be closed until then.

The redness and cuts after shave interfere with the tanning process. Also, for the calmness of your skin and it to completely get a ready shave at least 24 hours before getting tanned. Click here for self-tanning tips

Dry yourself and Moisturize

Self-tanning only works when there is no interference of water. When you take a good shower, dry yourself completely before applying any self-tanning product. At least wait for several minutes to let yourself further dry out. This is because the wet areas on your body remove the freshly applied tan immediately. This results in patches and uneven areas.

Nevertheless, tanning still requires some moisture. So for that, after you completely dry yourself use some good quality moisturizer and apply it on your whole body(especially the parts that requite tan). Use a good quality moisturizing lotion, that will cover every area of your body including the nostrils. This will prevent these areas from getting dark.

Face comes first

Experts suggest that always begin the self-tanning process starting with the face. This is because the face is the easiest part to moisturize and the tanning products can be applied with bare hands. You don’t need to wear gloves or any protection while tanning your face using Face Tanning Drops. As you can immediately wash your hands after the process.

Moreover, keep in mind that the whole face should be covered with the tanner. Massage with the tanner on delegate parts of your face including the eyelids and area above your lips.

Apart from that, make sure you are using the right products, and take all the precautions before carrying out the process. Don’t forget to completely dry and moisturize yourself and get an enhanced self-tanning experience. Look out for uneven areas on your body. Happy tanning.