Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney: A Few Things to Consider

The beauty of the island continent of Australia is a striking contrast from the Great Barrier Reef on its northeastern coast to the bustling cities of Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. The country has plenty to offer to visitors and tourists alike.

Speaking of Sydney, it is the place of epic events held in its many iconic landmarks such as Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House; this is why it is ranked as the 10th most livable place in the world.

Sydney is considered by many as a wealthy country. It is the 12th most expensive place on earth, and it hosts 65% of the country’s finance industry. The life expectancy of its populace is also pretty high. And that is why many businesses and services are geared toward that end—health, beauty, and wellness.

Sydney is by no means at the centre of the healthcare services industry. It is a principal city with businesses offering a variety of cosmetic and other similar medical procedures; this is also the reason why many folks are in the market for facelift surgery in Sydney.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Of course, you cannot just select any cosmetic surgeon or surgery clinic in Sydney for that matter. There are several factors that you should first consider before you go under the knife, so to speak, this short guide might help you a lot in that department.

Board Certification

Always check if the Medical Board of Australia certified the surgeon. Being certified would mean that your doctor will know the guidelines set by the board, which includes the following:

  • Any form of cutting beneath the skin is considered as a major cosmetic surgery
  • A checkup with a surgeon is necessary before a facelift.
  • There is a necessary cooling off period before a facelift or any other similar procedures can take place.
  • The patient considering a facelift should be in good psychological health.
  • If the surgeon is not satisfied with the psychological standing of the patient regarding a facelift, then he/she should be referred to competent providers for psychological assessment

These are very strong reasons why your surgeon should be properly certified with the medical board to perform facelift surgeries. You can check with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

They have a roster of certified medical practitioners. You should also check if your doctor is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). You can also see disciplinary actions taken against doctors through the RACS registry.

Understand the Cost

When considering facelift surgery in Sydney, you should also inquire about the cost. Note that your insurance will not cover this procedure. It can be a very costly procedure, so consider that factor as well.

Note that some of the costs can be covered by private health insurance. However, the facelift procedure should be part of a corrective medical procedure that treats deformities that have been caused by a traumatic injury.

 Experience and Feel of the Facilities and Staff

Other than being in good terms with your surgeon, it would help if you also were comfortable with the medical staff and the facilities of the clinic that will provide surgical services. You should, at the very least, be comfortable enough to disclose your medical history with them.

The facilities should be adequate and according to your tastes. You should feel confident enough that they can provide you with the necessary care.

People consider getting facelift surgery in Sydney because it is a medical procedure that can boost one’s self-esteem. In some cases, it is a corrective procedure as well.

Remember to consider the cost, experience, and certifications of the surgeon and the clinic he or she is working with as well. It is major surgery and will require some serious hefting.

Author: Jessica Ellen