Choose A Perfect Style For Your Bathroom: Simple Solutions For Everyone

Have you ever seen a bride trying to pick a wedding dress? The process is definitely beautiful as she emerges in several beautiful designs of white. However, when she finds her style, the one that feels like home, she just knows. It’s the same with choosing the perfect style for your home, particularly your bathroom and we’re here to help with that process. Also, you can prefer Glass Partitions that make your residential space more attractive and beautiful.

Do You Rate Your Bathroom?

Do you think the bathroom is an important part of the house? Especially when it comes to style and decor or do you shove it to the back burner? The first thing to note is that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. Experts at Shuttercraft Ltd say that bathrooms are a great place to unwind and should be treated as such when picking decor pieces to style it.

The bathroom is beyond a washroom, it is a restroom and a privy. It is often your escape after a rather long day or perhaps a place to be alone and get your thoughts in order. For others, it is a destination relaxation spot as they soak in scented bubbles and sip a glass of wine.

Despite whatever a bathroom means to you, you should consciously design it to be a warm place that uplifts your spirit and there are several ways for you to achieve that.

What Is Your Perfect Bathroom Style?

There are several bathroom styles with different features and themes that you can choose from. Although deciding can be a bit daunting, we have collated a list of simple styles that you can choose from.

  1.  Contemporary: A contemporary bathroom style mirrors simplicity, quality, and minimalism. There are open spaces, clean lines, and attention to detail. This style mostly features a black and white color theme to create a contrast. It also often features technology trends as well several touches of hardwood and stone, wood, or tile flooring.
  2. Traditional: Traditional-style bathrooms are comfortable, enticing, relaxing, and practical. Classic neutral colors that are soft and inviting, punctuate this design set. Pale and deep shades of blue would also work as well as deeper shades of gray and wood tones which will give off a richer look. Traditional bathrooms are evergreen with polished wood, gleaming surfaces, glass, marble, tile, and high-end materials. Traditional bathrooms promote a robust amount of refinement, ornamental detail, and classic charm. Some features of this style include classic stone counters, antique-style lighting, and a traditional bathtub such as a claw-foot, amongst others.
  3. Transitional: Transitional bathrooms walk the line between the old and the new, traditional and contemporary but don’t drift in either style. It uses the best design components of both worlds with sufficient detailing to satisfy both camps. This style is both functional and practical featuring stone counters, exotic finishes, patterned floors, pedestal bathtub, artisan door handles glass shower enclosure, and classic lightings like drum pendants, chandeliers, and wall sconces.

The tones in a transitional bathroom are usually soft and subtle.

  1. Modern: Modern bathrooms are simple, sleek, and bold, accentuating clean horizontal lines with a lack of clutter. These details keep the priority on the architecture and as such, the color tones are usually crisp white, black and subtle neutrals. This style features top quality materials like stone, teak, and marble, glass shower enclosure, freestanding bathtub, dashes of color from art, accessories, or fresh greenery, minimalist faucets, streamlined lighting, and frameless mirrors.
  2. Farmhouse: Farmhouse-style bathrooms offset the rustic allure of local, country heritage with a dash of simple modern flair.  Farmhouse bathrooms today often feature unique modern elements but remain homespun. It also features barn lighting, wire baskets, wall paneling, distressed painting, claw-foot bathtub, vintage items, sliding barn doors, handcrafted details like knobs and drawer pulls, trough sink, open ceilings, and exposed beams, substantial amounts of polished wood, and abundance of white and glass. Farmhouse bathrooms generally boast simple, natural tones but for richer shades, consider nature-inspired neutrals.
  3. Rustic: The Rustic style bathroom which is similar to the farmhouse style, uses the raw charm of nature, combining rugged elements with warm, intimate fabrics to create a homey space and a durable structure. Key features of rustic-style bathrooms include natural stone counters and floor, raw and organic finishes, copper bathtub, handcrafted artisan touches, warming details such as kilim rugs and filament bulb vanity lights, and an abundance of wood. This style reflects the tones of raw materials such as stone and woods with paint colors and accents in similar shades.

These are merely a few of the existing design styles and you can explore more options or perhaps create yours by combining some of these styles