Can Marijuana Cause Seizures?

Seizures are scary. There is no way around it. Often times, unless you are diagnosed with a seizure diagnosis, they come out of nowhere. There are a variety of reasons and causes for seizures. Epilepsy is the condition we are most familiar with, but it can happen to anyone.

Some studies have cited a potential relationship between cannabis use and seizures. That news is understandably alarming. But is this a legitimate concern? Can marijuana actually cause seizures? There is also research on the medical benefits of cannabis weed dispensary Aurora. In some places, doctors even prescribe it! All this information leaves the average person a little lost. So, let’s take a look at seizures, their causes, and how marijuana affects the human body.

A Simple Overview of Seizures

Seizures aren’t actually a purely physical condition. They actually stem from neurological issues. Sometimes, when a person’s brain experiences abnormal electrical activity it isn’t strong enough to warrant a physical response. But, in some people, these abnormal electric pulses will bring on sudden, uncontrollable shaking and a lapse in consciousness. There are variations in seizure types, symptoms, and causes, but that’s the gist of it.

The most common symptoms of a seizure are what you’re likely imagining. A fall, followed by rapid shaking. But, seizures can also involve mood and behavior changes, loss of control over bowels, bladder, breath, eye, and jaw movement, and drooling.

Anyone who has a history of seizures will likely have an idea of when one is about to hit. Some people experience a warning period beforehand. Some common physical pre-seizure symptoms are nausea or vertigo. Seizures can also be preceded by fear, anxiety, or general unease.

Now that we know what seizures look like, let’s dive into their causes. Seizures are caused by changes in neuroactivity. But there are a variety of conditions that can ignite abnormal brain activity. Brain injuries, defects, trauma, and infections are often responsible for leaving a person susceptible to seizures. The amount of glucose and sodium in a person’s blood can also be at blame. Severe fevers can also cause abnormal brain activity – especially amongst children. Some of these factors can be avoided, but addiction or exposure to disease is uncontrollable. 

What About Marijuana Use?

So far, we’ve gone over what a seizure is and common causes. But, what about cannabis use? That’s why you’re here reading this article after all.

Current research is more of an advocate for marijuana than it is a critic. Some studies have even shown that regular cannabis consumption can decrease the risk of seizures! 

Marijuana is often described as a recreational drug. Substance abuse of any kind can lead to addiction. And we know that addiction can contribute to seizures. Is marijuana an exception? 

YES! Consuming cannabis products can actually help people suffering from seizures and provide relief for their symptoms. There are a few reasons for this. First, marijuana’s non-psychoactive component called cannabidiol (CBD) can reduce symptoms in epileptic patients and act as an anti-seizure agent. This is one of the largest groups of people dealing with regular seizures. Secondly, according to a study by clinicians in Maine, Wisconsin, and Washington, medical marijuana use led to a reduction or elimination of seizures in the majority of participants observed. This means that cannabis is likely able to reduce the number of seizures a person experiences as well. Ah, the magic herb.

Despite evidence of weed’s medical benefits, the coast isn’t completely clear. Since medical marijuana is a fairly new treatment, guidelines, and regulations aren’t yet in place. Medical practitioners are on their own when it comes to figuring out the best sources of marijuana. National regulations and governments haven’t involved themselves much in the cannabis industry – beyond making it illegal in some states. Laws are evolving, but it will take some time and investment to bring medical marijuana to the mainstream.


The reason that some people think marijuana can cause seizures is that it’s psychoactive and classified as a drug. More serious substances can absolutely cause seizures and general harm. So, there is no need to worry about seizures when smoking weed. In reality, it will probably decrease your risk. CBD is nature’s gift to modern medicine! Those who don’t enjoy getting high can also enjoy its benefits – because it can be purchased with minimal THC content. This means you’ll get all the medical benefits without the mental effects. 

Regardless of where you stand on medical marijuana, always consult your doctor before adding any drug or medicine to your routine. Who knows, they may even recommend it!