Become a fashion with icon with these effective shopping strategies

Have you ever drooled over Kim Kardashian’s massive walk-in wardrobe or dreamed of having a shoe collection as massive as DJ Khaled’s? Well, one time or another, we have all looked at these fashion icons and imagined ourselves to be in their shoes, pun intended. But let’s face it. The majority of us may not have enough fortune as these celebrities to pull off these amazing and iconic fashion looks. But does that mean our wish of dressing up like a fashionista should be left unfulfilled? Not really.

Following the trends and sporting fashionable clothing and accessories is not necessarily only for wealthy people. It does not take a lot of money to shop strategically and plan out your wardrobe in a way that makes you stand out without investing a lot of cash. Some smart shopping decisions here and there, and you can quickly turn yourself into a fashion icon.

Now the real question is, what are these strategies? Well, worry not, because here we have a list of some of the most effective shopping tactics that will make you turn heads.

Review Your Wardrobe

Often, we are used to just hoarding clothes and shoes. We go shopping when we feel like it and bring home a ton of clothes without really knowing what we need and what we don’t. Even though it is okay to buy something you fall in love with initially, it should not be normal if you are usually short on cash. This way, you will only end up in a mismanaged wardrobe with no practical outfits to pull off.

The best way to go about is to keep in mind whatever you currently own. For example, last time you bought a red dress, know you do not have to purchase anything red. Consider looking into some formal pants for women if you own several jeans. Or if your wardrobe has a lot of flat sandals, consider investing in heels now.

Take A Stingy Friend With You

It is very typical to overspend when you are out shopping. We understand how difficult it is not to splurge on all those amazing things you get to see. However, remember if you overspend on things you don’t need, you will end up having less cash for stuff you need. For example, imagine going to buy a pair of black stilettos but ending up getting distracted and buying a beautiful leather jacket even though it’s still not winters! Your shopping trips can quickly turn into a pain unless you ask one of your stingiest friends to accompany you. It is helpful since they can put you in your place if you lose track. Since such people take a lot of time deciding whether to spend or not, they can also knock some sense into you if you start spending uselessly. It has to be the best shopping advice ever!

Test Your Luck At Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a blessing in disguise for people who love clothes and shoes but do not have enough budget to spend. These stores often stock some fantastic stuff that is extremely fashionable, and you also get them at a much lower price than you would at a regular store. The only drawback is the painstaking task of searching through piles of items to find a few worthy pieces. But if you are as passionate about fashion as us, you would not find it to be a feat. Just keep some time on you when you plan to go on a shopping spree at a thrift store, and you are good to go!

Trade-In Or Sell

Imagine buying an expensive pair of shoes only to find out soon they are out of fashion? What do you do if you invested in a Chanel purse only not to like it once you come home? Do you just let these items sit there in your wardrobe gathering dust without any use? We advise no. There are many options to sort out things in your closet that you do not use anymore or do not like any longer, such as trading or selling them. If the articles are expensive, you can quickly sell them for a reasonable amount at eBay or any local Facebook selling group.

It is much better to sell items lying idle in your wardrobe and then replace them with trendier stuff that you can utilize to create fashionable looks.

Shop During Sale Season

It is no rocket-science why sales are so famous in the fashion industry. They help you get expensive items out of your budget at lower prices during the sale period. Unless it is a kind clothing piece or accessory, if you can wait, try your luck during the sale season. There are so many shopping events where prices are approximately half of the original, such as Black Friday or Boxing Day sales. You can keep in mind an item you wish to buy, and once the deals are live, buy it at half the price. However, it would help if you were very cautious in pulling off this stunt since items in sales are immediately sold out.


Generally, the most public cannot afford all that they wish for in terms of shopping for clothes, shoes, or accessories. We all set our budgets, and it is within these limits that we need to fulfill all our needs and wants. However, that is not all to it. If you shop smartly and strategically, you can buy a few all-rounding items that you can use to pull off some unique and iconic fashion looks. It depends more on how you spend your cash rather than the amount you have to pay. If you are smart enough, you can quickly become a fashion icon with some effective shopping strategies.