Beat the Heat with These Summer Fashion Trends

Summer is the ultimate season for effortless styling. The beauty of summer is the breeziness of the fabrics, the colors, and the freedom to wear anything.

On the other hand, if you’re often stuck between a never-ending loop of what to wear and the urge to let your style run wild, things can get a little confusing. The trick is to plan your summer wardrobe with the best essentials. Summer dressing is all about comfort. More so, the warmer months of the year call for pieces that cover less of your body while still looking put together and tasteful.

So with that being said, what are the summer fashion trends that will not only help you beat the heat but also look good while doing it?

Here they are:

1. Rely on dresses

Dresses aren’t just for formal events. When you don’t know what to wear, a cozy summer dress is an easy choice. Summer is the ideal time to wear mini-skirts, rompers, and minidresses, but it’s also acceptable to go longer. Choose a long skirt or a maxi dress for a boho summer look. More so, a tie-front dress allows for more air circulation.

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2. Wear jewelry in earthly tones

Summer fashion calls for earth tones, so put away your large statement jewelry in jewel or dark tones. Look for pink, gold, blue, green, brown, turquoise, or even brightly patterned cotton bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Everybody loves to wear a lot of bracelets in the summer and keep their necklaces and earrings simple. A dainty and thin necklace with gold studs could seriously make a difference. Furthermore, because of the overall light feel of your summer clothing, the neutral colors will match more, if not all, of your summer outfits.

3. Choose light colors.

Regarding summer choices, light colors should always be a priority over dark ones.

Summer and spring are the months to use ultra-feminine light pinks, pastels, and blues as a contrast to your winter/autumn capsule. Aside from solely aesthetic reasons, lighter colors will reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them, which will be extremely useful in a hot summer. Summer staples like linen trousers and white linen button-downs will always be in fashion. Why? Because you can wear them with a quick change of accessories.

4. Too hot? Wear your hair up in a bun or braid it up!

Beach waves are attractive and fashionable, but if you don’t have the time or can’t get your hair to curl perfectly, wear it in a bun or braid it up. Throughout the summer, you can wear your hair in a bun, ponytail, or braid, and the summer outfit you’ll choose will determine which of these three hairstyles you’ll be doing. Moreover, tied-up hair will always be fashionable in the summer whether the trends call for it or not.

5. Choose loose silhouettes

Throughout the summer, you’ll want to stay comfortable and relaxed. Looser silhouettes can be feminine and trendy without clinging to the body and producing excess body heat. Consider tiered dresses, skirts, and airy puff sleeves for the most on-trend summer looks. A loose-goosey dress that can be worn during the day and pulled tight in with a belt at night is a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

6. Striking patterns are worth a try

Prints are not only visually alluring but also lend themselves to graceful styling. So, if you’re running late or want to look put-together, put on a richly embroidered dress. Summer is the ideal time to express yourself, and outfits like this watercolor splash shirt dress or this tropical antisymmetric top will make your summer attire stand out. Daring tropical prints bring attention to the clothing, requiring less jewelry to complete the look, which is perfect for the summer heat.

7. Alter your accessories

Making small changes to your accessories is an easy way to update your current wardrobe. Hats, scarves, and purses are all great summertime additions; experiment with different combinations until you find something that works well for you. If you’re stuck for ideas, consider your favorite outfit from last year—what accessory would go well with it? When putting together a summer outfit, that could be an excellent place to start.

8. Lastly, wear clothes that make you happy

Even if a piece looks great on display, it won’t look good on you if you don’t feel good in it. So look for items that make you feel your best—your summer uniform of t-shirts and jeans or a gown that makes you feel like sunshine every time you put it on. The goal is to own pieces representing who you are and how you want to be perceived by others. After all, fashion is about conveying meaning through one’s clothing.


So these are some of the best fashion trends that will help you beat the heat while looking hot. Just remember that summer is the ideal time to flaunt your skin, so don’t be nervous about doing so. Wear playful outfits like crop cape tops, short-hemmed shorts and skirts, and dresses. Also, don’t forget to wear some sunscreen while you’re out there, looking pretty.