Are Military Dog Tags a Fashion Accessory?

Dog tags are a popular accessory for military personnel but can also be fashionable for civilians. In fact, dog tags are an original fashion accessory that dates back to ancient Roman times. Soldiers first used them in World War I as identification during and on the battlefield.

Today, military dog tags can be worn by men and women who have served in the armed forces or even those who deeply appreciate military history.

What Are Dog Tags in the Military?

Dog tags, or identification tags, are metal disks worn by soldiers to identify them. They can be used as a necklace or attached to objects such as a keychain, lanyard, etc. The military uses dog tags not only for identifying soldiers but also for tracking purposes.

The first dog tag was introduced during the American Civil War when Union soldiers wore them on chains around their necks or attached them to their belts. They were only some batches used by soldiers to help their co-veterans and families identify them in case of unfortunate events. Dog tags have become one of men’s most famous fashion accessories today.

History of Military Dog Tags

Military dog tags are the most common form of identification for the military, but they are not always used. The first military dog tags were used in December 1906 when general order #204 was passed, and the use of dog tags was approved. Before that, the French used dog tags during World War I.

They were used primarily to identify soldiers who died on the battlefield or were missing in action (MIA) and to identify wounded soldiers who needed care.

Since then, many countries have adopted this practice, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. In addition to identifying a soldier if he or she is killed or wounded in battle, it also helps locate a soldier when they are MIA since their information will be processed through an international database system called International Tracing Service (ITS).

Do you wonder why are they called dog tags in the military? There were many occasions when the tags were called dog tags. Among them was the use of the term “dog tags” in the Prussian Army in 1870. It comes from the word “hundemarken,” which refers to identification tags worn by dogs in the Prussian Capital of Berlin. Another is that the veterans started using the term as those injured in the war were treated like dogs.

If you want to know more about the history of the most popular accessories, you can read the History of Fashion Accessories.

What Information Can You Write on Military Dog Tags?

You can write almost anything on your dog tags. The most basic information is name, blood type, and religion, but many people also choose to include their unit and rank or place a short phrase on the back of their military dog tags. If you are expecting a baby or know someone pregnant, it may be nice to put the due date on your dog tags so that your spouse will always be reminded when their bundle of joy is due.

If you think military dog tags sound fun but want something more creative than just writing a few metal lines, plenty of other options are also available online. There are many companies out there that will engrave pictures onto these items.

That allows you to show off some photos from home while still being able to wear them comfortably around your neck all day long without feeling weighed down by extra weight or material around your neck area, where sometimes even wearing jewelry can feel uncomfortable depending upon what type of person they are.

Are Dog Tags a Fashion Accessory?

While dog tags were first used only by the military, they are now a fashion accessory. Dog tags can be as stylish as a wristwatch, belt buckles, or bracelet can be. Dog tags add personal style to your outfit, but they also have a historical significance that makes them even more special.

If you’re looking for something to show off your patriotism, or if you want to honor someone who served in the military, dog tags are a great choice as both a piece of jewelry and a way to show your pride for your country and service members alike.

Some say that wearing a dog tag can be offensive because only military people should be allowed to wear it. However, that’s not the case. Many people wear dog tags as a fashion accessory. In fact, many celebrities who have even served in the military also wear it with the casuals. One such icon is Jamie Farr, who wore his real dog tag in a show.

How to Style Military Dog Tags With Casual Wear

Military dog tags are a popular accessory and can be worn in many ways depending on your style. They are also often made from sterling silver, which makes them more durable than other materials.

Military dog tags can be worn casually or formally, depending on what you wear for the day. You could wear them in a suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt. As part of a necklace or bracelet set, military dog tags can add some edge to your look without being too flashy or over the top.

How to Get Customized Military Dog Tags

If you’re considering custom military dog tags, here are some things to consider:

  • Where do I get my custom military ID tags?

You can order them online from several companies. Some have low minimums, while others require a larger initial investment. Be sure to check out reviews before ordering.

  • How much does it cost?

Military dog tags range in price from about $20 for a basic pair to several hundred for something more elaborate. Some sites offer free engraving on certain orders and free shipping, so look around before deciding. You might also want to factor in whether or not you would like to buy extra blank ones for later.

Military Dog Tags as a Gift

Dog tag jewelry is a thoughtful gift for anyone who has served in the military. While you can gift dog tags to anyone, military personnel will have more value for them. A military dog tag is a great way to remember someone who has served, whether a family member or friend. Since military people are emotionally connected to the dog tags, a person is on a quest to return dog tags found on battlefields to the military personnel’s family.

Military dog tags can also be worn as fashion accessories and customized to show your unique style and personality. They can even be personalized with a special message of love from you.


Thanks for reading this article. We hope you learned a lot about the history of military dog tags, why they matter and how you can style them. Whether you are a military personnel or a civilian, you can still buy a dog tag and use it as an accessory.