An Insider Hack: A Definitive List of Where Drag Queens Shop

Do you know where drag queens shop?

If you’ve decided to become one and have absolutely no idea where to begin, then you’re in luck because we’ve got the perfect post for you! This post will tell you where to look for absolutely everything you’ll ever need to become the drag queen of your dreams!

After reading this, you’d easily gain more confidence in creating looks and realize that drag is 500% creativity on steroids! Do take note and have lots of fun!

Where to shop for your drag queen needs?

  • Specialist Stores – In-store
  • Non-specialist Stores – In-store
  • Markets
  • Clothing Stores Online
  • Marketplaces Online
  • Second-hand Sales
  • Groups on Facebook
  • Shops in Social Media
  • Online Specialists Stores

1. Specialist Stores – In-store

Most urban cities have dedicated drag stores. You’re lucky if you live in one because you can easily give the store a visit anytime. Drag queens in Sydney, Australia have shops like House of Priscilla that they can easily go to when they need something for their show. When looking for one, opt for a store that offers not just drag costumes but accessories and shoes as well. Better ones even offer rental options!

It’s ideal to visit dedicated drag stores because you can see each and every material in person. Seeing everything will make it easier for you to fully visualize and conceptualize your look. Some even go to drag stores to simply be inspired and have their creative juices flowing!

If you’re just starting, you could also easily ask questions to experience staff that can easily give you tips and tricks! Most drag stores are actually owned, operated, and staffed by drag queens, costume makers, makeup artists, and performers themselves so you’d have a grand time chatting with them!

You can also check-out womenswear in department stores or high street stores if you live in an area without a dedicated drag store.

2. Non-specialist Stores – In-store

If you don’t have a dedicated drag store in your area, you’d still have plenty of stores to check-out! They may not focus on drag, but they would surely still offer you stuff like clothes, make-up, and drag supplies!

Clothing Stores

You can very much shop at any clothing store to look for drag outfits! Men’s clothing is becoming more colorful so you can also check it out. But our best bet is on teen’s clothing as they are more colorful and adventurous when it comes to style and design! Look out for stores that sell trendy accessories and adventurous jewelry at friendly rates like Forever 21.

Make-up Stores

Drag queens need make-up and you don’t need a dedicated drag store for such! You can look for make-up at any store that offers one. Note however that not all make-up stores are well-aware of the particulars of drag make-up so it’s best to not ask for hacks and tips as they can be clueless. You can still try though! Once you have the make-up, you’d have all the power to manipulate it for drag magic!

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are perfect not just for drag queens on a budget but for ones that want to feel adventurous and inspired. You’d never know what you’d find in a thrift store so a trip to one is always exciting!

Art & Craft Stores

Every drag queen needs to know their way around the crafts store! Your local art store offers stuff like rhinestones, glitter, and wires that can help in creating flawless and fabulous looks. Be careful though as not all glitters and art materials are safe to be applied as make-up so it’s best to always ask prior use.

3. Markets

Markets are also perfect spots for fabulous but cheap finds! Markets even give you more options as they can give you access to fabric stores, wig stores, and haberdasheries. Wig stores that offer black hair always have full lace wigs, hair wefts, lace front wigs, and hair care products so opt to look for one.

4. Clothing Stores Online

You can also easily buy drag outfits at online clothing stores. With online clothing stores, you’d have hundreds of brands and styles to choose from. Platforms like ASOS and Zalando are solid choices. When shopping for drag clothes, make your search as specific as possible by using keywords like “rainbow”, “sequins”, “drag”, and more.

5. Marketplaces Online



Etsy is a good place to look at if you’re looking for handmade products. You’d have hundreds of community drag stores, costume makers, and cosplay stores to choose from that you’d need hours just to browse through all of them. Top tip: look for festival wear! Festival wear will lead you to stores that offer creative and fabulous choices! As you will directly connect with artists, store owners, and creators, you can also easily order custom-made pieces!

Amazon & Ebay

These platforms are not on top of our list as it’s far too general but it’s pretty perfect for patient ones that are okay with doing hard work for long hours. With these platforms, you’d have to be patient in looking for good finds like vintage clothing, jewelry, and shoes.

6. Second-hand Sales

If you follow your favorite drag queens on their social media profiles, you’re probably already aware that they sell their used goods every now and then. Use such a chance to get hot items for a lower price! You’d be shocked at how low they sell their pre-loved goods!

7. Groups on Facebook

There are numerous Facebook groups that have members sell drag queen items! You can ask around or simply opt to search on Facebook. You can check out UK Drag Queen Buy/Sell/Swap to see for yourself! It is a community-run Facebook group that has more than 3.000 artists that sell, buy, and trade costumes and wigs!

8. Shops in Social Media

Do check out shops in Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. Most artists simply post what items they have for smooth and straight processing. Most social media profiles also make it easy to interact with authentic profiles and verified accounts.

9. Online Specialist Stores

Last but not the least, you should also definitely check out online specialist stores like Charismatico! Online specialist stores have ready categories that will make it easy for you to look for the exact piece or costume. You could also easily get inspiration from the thousands of clothes and costumes that are easily accessible!  Be sure to also consider costume options such as

Shop away!

So what are you waiting for? Get on it! Now is the best time to be a drag queen because all the items you’d ever need can already be easily accessible! So go for it! Go crazy with your creativity and don’t ever forget to have fun!