A rich selection of gothic outfits: features

Gothic style in clothes is something incredible, unknown, and old. Even though the Gothic style appeared a long time ago, back in the Middle Ages, today in the modern world more and more people like to dress in such an image. In everyday life, it is not very convenient for a person to wear top hats, pointed hats, vintage dresses, and tailcoats, but if we are talking about some kind of thematic event (be it a wedding, birthday, or competition), then the Gothic style has a place to be. It is worth talking about the features of the Gothic style because there are many of them.

Common Gothic features

In general, the Gothic style is characterized by black clothing, sharp lines, and details of past centuries. As for the details, we are talking about jewelry and certain Gothic paraphernalia, which were previously used by both men and women. Clear lines imply a lack of puffy dresses and outfits and a preference for fitted silhouettes. Well, the black color, in principle, has always been and remains the same symbol of Gothic. What are the other features of this image?

  • correctly selected texture (satin, velvet, velveteen, leather, vinyl);
  • lack of gold details (this does not apply to gothic);
  • dramatic bright makeup with an emphasis on the eyes and lips.

Gothic clothes are so diverse and varied that it is quite difficult to choose what will be one hundred percent perfect. It’s all about diversity.

Such a different Gothic style

It is possible to single out outfits for this era in several types because, after all, there is a difference here. Someone prefers to go through the classics, while someone likes to improvise more. But even in such a large variety of Gothic, the style itself does not change in any way.

  • antique Goths (just what it was before, a past era and observance of all the nuances of the Middle Ages);
  • androgynous Goths (cloak, corset, capes, preferably even showing tattoos);
  • vampire Goths (top hats, round black glasses, red lips, veil, vampire paraphernalia);
  • western Goths (romantic style, which includes dresses with crinolines, mesh leggings, and even umbrellas);
  • j-Goths (doll appearance and modesty in makeup, as well as the absence of bright lips);
  • gipsy Goths (a feature in bright hair, preferably with dreadlocks).

The list of subspecies of images is endless. The most interesting thing is that the outfits are similar to each other (and it’s not just about the color). For example, you will always be able to distinguish an elf look from a gothic style.

Universal wardrobe in Gothic

Today there is a whole fashion for the Gothic style. It will sound strange, but almost everyone at home has at least 2-3 dark things in their wardrobe that are just right for elements in the Gothic style. As a rule, men keep jackets or stylized suits from the era of yesteryear in their wardrobes (this is for die-hard lovers). Black raincoats are also included here, such as leather trousers, wide trousers, and sweatshirts with hoods. Girls always have a black dress, which is enough to decorate with a corset and a tulle skirt to turn the image into something mystical and fantasy.

Fantasy outfits

Where can you wear fantasy gothic outfits? In everyday life, walking in this form is not very convenient, because there are different dress codes. Fantasy costumes can be worn at themed parties, carnivals, birthdays, themed weddings, photo shoots, and even contests. One thing is for sure, gothic is stylish and outrageous. You will not go unnoticed in the crowd. All eyes will be on you and your sense of style. The most important thing is to correctly choose the image for you because not everyone suits dresses, hats, and corsets. Look at yourself and find out what you like, as well as which of all this will look like a hundred points.