A quick glance into the world of Samoa Fashion

There is an element of carefree living in the Samoan culture that reflects the fashion that draws inspiration from the Cradle of Polynesia, the other name of the archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean. Skirts or sarongs have been the staple clothing of Samoa women, just like shirts for men.

To get a taste of the fashion that blends the old and new, you must visit Janets Samoa‘s website, which proudly upholds the Samoa Culture through its various fashion products.  From men’s and women’s apparel to paintings and beauty products as well as articles of crafts and jewelry, you can experience the flavor of Samoan culture as the products blend tradition with modernity in equal measures.

The world wants to know the Pacific culture

Samoa, a group of islands in the Polynesian region, is at the heart of Pacific culture, maintaining its ethnic roots despite the foreign influence for more than a hundred years. New Zealand had colonized the islands and ruled them until 1962. Yet, despite the foreign influence, the islanders have ardently protected their heritage and tradition, which, despite undergoing some changes, have more or less remained true to their original form. And this is the reason for The Samoan Way of living drawing the attention of the world that takes much interest to know and celebrate the heritage that celebrates nature.

Men’s Fashion from the Pacific

As the internet has erased geographical boundaries, it provided immense opportunities for introducing the Samoan culture to the world through various fashion items. They have the freshness of the blue seas and simplicity of the lives of islanders who strongly believe in Fa’a Samos, which, when translated into English, means The Samoan Way.

The design of the men’s shirts labeled as GALU aptly resembles the natural beauty of the Pacific manifested in the Ocean Wave. It celebrated the vast expanse of the blue waters that have been integral to the Samoan culture. Every design created on the shirts takes us back to the sea, which has been an ever-compassing feature in Samoan culture.

Samoa Dress for women

The daily clothing of Samoa women is the Lavalava which the world knows as a skirt, and it is typical of the women of Pacific Islands who maintain a high degree of decency in their dresses.  The standard skirt covers the upper part of the body extends mid-calf. The fabric is usually 100% cotton material in bright colors printed with bold designs ranging from floral motifs to the cool blue seawater. Since Samoan designers are now blending tradition with modernity, it is only regular that some skirt styles now have a shorter length that covers just a little above the knees.

The seas are the main inspiration of all apparel and fashion designs as the Samoans proudly declare their closeness to the sea that profoundly impacts their lives and culture. Therefore, all designs have elegance, fun, and versatility with motifs, symbols, and signs that maintain closeness to nature.

Known as the Light of the Pacific, Samoa culture is now breaking new grounds through various fashion products that create an irresistible attraction for those who seek to break barriers and discover new cultures.