8 Ways To Accessorize Your Scrubs

Your career as a medical practitioner is characterized by hectic work schedules and long working hours. Throughout this entire time, you’ll be dressed in your medical scrubs while working. But despite medical scrubs being a necessity in the medical environment, this doesn’t mean you should compromise on expressing your unique personal style and personality. Instead, you should feel free to accessorize your scrubs without worrying that you’ll alter their function and affect your professionalism.

If you’re unsure of how to go about accessorizing your scrubs, you’re in luck. In this post, you’ll learn about some of the ways you can accessorize your scrubs to bring out your unique personality.

1. Add Extra Buttons

One effective way to accessorize your scrubs is by adding buttons, which will give your outfit a completely different look depending on where they’re placed. You can do this by either adding buttons at the front of your scrub or on the pockets. While putting buttons will no doubt make you look more stylish, it’s also practical when added to the scrub’s pockets. These additional buttons will prevent items such as your cellphone or notebook from falling off.

Adding buttons to your scrub works wonders in boosting its overall appeal and making it stand out from generic-styled scrubs.

2. Print On Your Scrubs

You can also accessorize your scrubs by printing something on it, but make sure it’s something appropriate as you shouldn’t forget you’re a medical practitioner. Adding a tasteful print on your women’s scrub pants and tops will help make your patients feel at ease when you attend to them as you’re wearing a more relaxed uniform. Some design ideas to print on your scrubs, especially if you handle children, include video game motifs or cartoon characters. This will no doubt excite the children as they’ll see the exciting pattern printed on your scrubs. Doing this will help cheer them up, and you might even become the children’s favorite nurse or doctor.

3. Mix And Match Your Scrubs

At the end of the day, scrubs are primarily functional garments meant to support you with your responsibilities. Maybe you don’t want to spend too much time customizing your scrubs, on top of what you already do to maintain your scrub suit. If you want to express your personality without going overboard, consider mixing and matching your scrubs. This is a subtle way to inject some style into your uniform. However, be sure you first confirm with your superiors whether this is acceptable at the medical facility where you work.

A mix-and-match idea you should consider is wearing your uniform with different color options. For instance, you can wear a white top with black pants, try a cool gray and blue combination, or spice things up with pastel tops. You can also mix and match your scrubs to symbolize a certain season, such as wearing green and red during the holidays.  Check out medical scrubs online for lots of great options.

4. Embroidery And Emblem

Adding embroidery is undoubtedly among the best ways to accessorize your scrubs. Having embroidery on your scrubs makes it eye-catching and fun. The embroidery on your scrubs also allows you to add professional details, such as your department’s name. Doing this makes you look unique to the patients and will differentiate you from the other workers in the health facility.

5. Add Zippers

Another way to accessorize your scrubs is by adding zippers. You can choose to add the zippers either diagonally, vertically, horizontally, or in any way you like. The most common style of adding zippers is by placing them at the scrubs center so it cuts through the center. However, you aren’t limited only to these customization techniques, as there are many other ways of personalizing your scrubs using zippers.

6. Customize The Pockets

If you’re working either as a doctor or nurse, you know the crucial role pockets play. It’s through these that you get to carry your keys, notepads, pens, cellphone, keys, and many other important items.

You can add pockets to your scrub pants and tops, ensuring you never lack the space to store everything that you need to carry while working rounds. The additional pockets make it easier for you to respond to emergencies, thereby making you more efficient.

7. Add Military Style Epaulet

Do you want to show your determination to save the lives of your patients? If so, then an accessory you should consider adding to your scrubs is a military-style epaulet. An epaulet is a shoulder decoration or piece usually used by the armed forces and other organizations to determine a person’s rank. The addition of military-style epaulets on your scrub is a sure way to create a visual impact.

8. Get The Right Fit

Making sure your scrubs fit perfectly is also a great way to accessorize them and make them match your unique personality. This shouldn’t be hard to do since you can find scrubs available in different styles and fits. Some of the places you can get your desired scrub are either at a specialty scrub store or a local uniform shop.

While you want to look great, don’t forget that the goal is to feel comfortable in your scrubs. Therefore, make sure to invest in a set of medical scrubs that are well-fitting. This will help you feel more confident and more relaxed while at work. If you can’t find a perfect fit, consult a tailor to make the necessary adjustments.

Once you’ve styled your scrub to fit well, you never have to worry about them being too big or too small, thereby affecting how you do your work.


While your primary role in the hospital is making sure the patients are healthy, safe, and happy, this shouldn’t be at the expense of your style. You also want to feel good about your daily duties and find fulfillment in your role as a medical practitioner. Accessorizing your scrubs is one way you can achieve this, and discussed above are some ideas on how you can have fun with your uniform.