8 fun Bucks party ideas

Whether you and your friendly bucks want to prance and dance or simply get together and bang your slender antlers together like bucks often do, the only way to celebrate in style is to have an actual party. In fact, you have likely heard about the Brisbane Bucks parties where bucks can get on four wheels and partake in some muddy, back-country adventures. However, if you want something other than ATVs along Australian trails, you can actually win some bucks at the casino or spend a few bucks over lobster and steaks. Whatever type of weekend you and your friends want to enjoy, there is a celebration just for you.

1. Clay

If you like a classic party, you can head to Brisbane and enjoy shooting your shotgun at some clay targets as they speed over the horizon. This all-day party allows you to lay staunch claim to any surviving bragging rights. Of course, once the shooting is over, the party actually begins. Brisbane Riverside awaits you and your fellow hunters where rivers of free beer flow for a solid two hours once you set foot on the property. Of course, you will get hungry, and the free pizza is designed to keep you satisfied.

2. Speed

If you want your party to last the entire day, you should check out the go karts where you can race and collide into your friends and soothe your bruises over a brewery tour. Throughout the day, you will enjoy being driven around the city via luxury coach, enjoying what you like best: beer–and more beer!

3. Whisky

If beer is a little too watery for your taste, you can enjoy your very own class on an all-time favorite topic: whisky. This class is for serious students only, and it covers the distilling process of a variety of alcohol types. Food for dudes is also available as is your share of free alcohol.

4. Private dining

There is never a need to share a restaurant if you can enjoy private dining instead. The dinner comes with multiple courses, which allows you to have your choice of the following.


– chicken

– gourmet pizza

– Nutella and strawberries

Total dining time is a whopping 180 minutes, and this includes free drinks.

5. Cruise and brews

If you have already earned your sea legs, you will enjoy some brews on a cruise that lasts the entire weekend. Between the hours on the waters on your own private boat, you will enjoy docking at various pubs, taverns, and restaurants for your share of brew. However, an on-board buffet is available to help fill in the corners of what will be a weekend of revelry, food, and high spirits.

6. Escape room

If you want to exercise your brain, you can take the challenge of escaping from a locked room. However, distractions include beer and some of the best food you will have ever eaten. Although you have only an hour to escape the room before the ultimate disaster, the party continues throughout the weekend. Of course, you can add customizations to the weekend party that might include card games or touring the country via luxury transportation.

7. Fishing

Fishing is easy and relaxing when it comes with all the beer and food you and your buck friends desire. Although you will be fishing for your trophy, you can enjoy a ten-star steak aboard your chartered vessel. The daily catch varies, of course, because the menu is swimming in the sea. As you cast your stress away, you can try your hand at hauling in tuna or snapper. It is no easy deal because such fish can weigh as much as you. Once you land one of these monsters, you can throw back some monster shots. Of course, fishing poles include braided lines for ultimate strength.

8. High scores

If you are a digital game master, you can enjoy a night with your buck buddies at your very own arcade. Of course, indoor digital showmanship spills outdoors where go karts and mini golf abound. After you have topped the leaderboard and won the checkered flag, you can eat like a champion before hitting it again with air hockey and pinball. If you are exhausted just thinking about it, you can relax with free alcohol along with chicken wings, BBQ, and beef pies.

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