5 Ways Men Can Accessorize

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to update your wardrobe with pieces that are perfect for autumn. One of the most often overlooked parts of men’s wardrobes are accessories. Sure, every guy has an essential belt on hand, but fewer take the time to invest in things like jewelry, bandanas, bags, and other stylish accessory pieces. For a long time, the accessory market was primarily marketed toward women, making the accessory choices for men seem limited. However, in 2022, accessories are for all! If you’re a guy who’s looking to find new accessories to add to your wardrobe, read on for a list of timeless fashion items that can be used to accessorize all of your favorite fall outfits.

1. A Cuban Link Chain

If you’re looking for a staple jewelry accessory to add to your wardrobe, the Cuban link chain is it. A Cuban link chain is a form of men’s chain necklace made up of a series of interlocking metal rings that create a sleek, woven pattern. A Cuban link chain typically comes in either gold or silver. When purchasing a Cuban link chain of your own, you’re going to want to ensure that it’s made of the best quality metal that you can get: look for 18 karat gold, or 316L stainless steel and rhodium. These metals can stand up to elements, and won’t be easily tarnished by heat or water. Additionally, these metals are hypoallergenic, so you can wear your Cuban link chain for prolonged periods of time, and won’t have to worry about it causing any skin irritation.

When you’ve found the perfect Cuban link chain for you, consider how thick you want the chain to be (the most common thicknesses are: 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, and 12mm), as well as if you want to pair it with a matching bracelet. Whatever style of Cuban link chain that you decide to get, you’ll be adding a strong staple piece of jewelry to your accessory collection.

2. A Sophisticated Pocket Watch

Men have been accessorizing with pocket watches since the 1800s, and it became even more popular to do so in the early 20th century as a hallmark of middle and upper class men’s fashion. While pocket watches have become a less common men’s accessory today, they can be great vintage accessory pieces to add to your wardrobe. If you’re a fan of creating fashion looks that harken to a time long ago, you’ll want to get a pocket watch. Some great places to find vintage pocket watches are sites like Ebay and Etsy, in addition to modern companies that make vintage inspired pocket watches and accessories that you can get in mint condition.

3. A Statement Ring

When looking for your next great accessory, don’t forget to decorate your digits! If you want to accentuate a fall look with jewelry that stands out, get yourself a statement ring. You could get a statement ring crafted in the shape of a bold animal like a lion or bear. Or, you could get one engraved with the image or a famous painting or phrase that’s important to you. While they might be small in terms of physical size in comparison to other accessories, statement rings pack a great deal of fashion power.

4. A Bandana

While you might have thought of a bandana as something to wrap around your head to disguise a bad hair day, there are actually plenty of different ways to style a bandana! For instance, you could tie a silk bandana around your neck to add extra style to a 70’s inspired outfit. Alternatively, you could tie a bandana on your wrist in lieu of a bracelet for an out-of-the-box accessory look. Or, if you’ve got long hair, you could even fold the bandana into fourths and tie it around your head to make a chic headband. With so many different ways to style it, a bandana is an incredibly versatile accessory that every guy should have in their wardrobe.

5. aA Messenger Bag

An oft overlooked part of men’s accessorizing is having a stylish bag that you can pair with various looks. One popular men’s style of bag for fall is a leather messenger bag. A leather messenger bag gives you the room to carry anything that you might need, while giving your overall look a refined and sophisticated feel. If you’re a guy who wants to look good while on the go, look into getting a black or brown leather messenger bag to accessorize with.

In Conclusion

Men’s accessories shouldn’t be taboo. If you’re a guy who wants to find new ways to elevate your fashionable ensembles, consider purchasing a chic cuban link chain, a vintage pocket watch, a bold statement ring, a versatile bandana, or a classic messenger bag. Heck, or get all of the above and stack your closet with the best accessories that you can find this fall.