5 Exquisite Ring Styles You Can Buy on a Budget

Ring signifies unconditional love, emotional needs, and unexpressed feelings. This can be a perfect way to symbolize your everlasting bond. It is also a great budget-friendly option. If your spouse has always dreamt of wearing a big diamond ring and you can’t afford it then morganite engagement rings are your answer. They have the same look and feel like that of a diamond ring but cost almost 10 percent of their price.

You can pay thousands of dollars and still won’t get the diamond ring of your choice and taste. And on the other hand, you just have to pay a few hundred dollars and you can get the biggest and the shiniest stone on the ring that you can dream of. Here is the list of budget-friendly engagement rings styles for women:

1. Floating Morganite Bridal Ring

It looks timeless, beautiful, and extraordinary. You will fall in love at the first look with the huge pink stone at the center which makes it look more elegant. The rose gold bands perfectly complement the cushion stone that is placed at the hub of the ring. The classic U-shaped prong is studded with small glimmering stones which make it look more beautiful and rich. The richness of the design itself shows how majestic and delicate it is.

2. Two-Tone Swirl Wedding Ring

In this ring, two-tone bands are adjusted in such a way that it looks like they are holding the round-cut morganite stone at the center from both the ends very elegantly. Both the bands are embellished with a series of glimmering stones which makes it look more subtle and beautiful peachy pink morganite rings. The majestic peachy pink morganite at the center enhances the beauty of the ring and both the bands signify how perfectly the whole set is incorporated.

3. Antique Morganite Wedding Ring

If you have an eye for antique-style rings then antique morganite wedding rings can be your dream comes true. They have a classy leaf design on the band which can be customized and have swirls on the side. These swirls give thickness to the band and the round-cut morganite at the center looks elevated. It is surrounded by small, shiny stones that enhance the pink color of the morganite. You can choose the metal of the band at the base from silver, white gold, or platinum, which will make the ring look more elegant and antique.

4. Oval-Cut Split Bands Ring

Its split bands give a very unique look to the ring and the oval-cut pink morganite at the center holds the whole design together and enhances its beauty. The oval-shaped stone is lined with tiny stones all around which makes the pink morganite look more prominent and glistering. You can choose the band at the base as per your choice, taste, and budget. If possible you can have a rose gold band at the base which will complement the pink morganite well.

5. Nature-Inspired Ring

Its twisted-split shank pattern will fulfill your entire childhood princess fantasies. It will reflect your charismatic personality. The pink morganite round-cut stone at the center is adorned by marquise-cut stones. If you wanted to be a princess wearing a flowery tiara in your childhood then this design is exactly what you could ever dream of.


Every woman wants her engagement ring to be the most beautiful one and meaningful to her. You must never let it fade away due to any budget issue because you have very beautiful, affordable alternatives available that have the same look. These peachy pink morganite rings look absolutely stunning and will reflect your charm and splendor. These look and feels just like a diamond ring but will cost you only a few hundred dollars.