5 Common Types of Cowboy Hats You Should Know About

Those who are aware of the western fashion world know that John B Stetson created the first cowboy hat in the year 1865. Back then, they had simple features like a round flat brim with a tall rounded crown. They were quite commonplace compared to what we have now. It also had a sweatband on the inner side of the hat to fit securely on the wearer’s head.

As time progressed, the popularity of these hat styles increased, and thus customization began to please the customers’ demands. It started with the rolling of the brim and creasing of the crown. Since its first invention, the cowboy hat has evolved from a simple utilitarian and functional item to an iconic fashion statement. Embellishments and ornamental headbands quickly made their way into decorating the western headgears as their demand soared.

Cowboy hats: the most tested and tried hat styles of all time

When you put on a cowboy hat, your whole image changes drastically! You need not have to be in a thousand-dollar suit to make you look different from others. This western head accessory is enough to be a game-changer. Choosing the right outfit can be a bit tricky sometimes, but once you have figured out the equation, there’s no turning back. When a person walks down the street with the perfect ensemble, it will turn heads for sure. Men’s western style has come to the forefront like never before (thanks to the various personalities of the entertainment world), and no doubt, it’s here to stay for a long time to come.

Some of the most popular styles of cowboy hats that you should try

Different types of cowboy hats have emerged over time. One needs to explore them well to know which would suit the best. Here are some of the most wanted and favored hat styles.

The Cattleman

The most common type of cowboy hat is the Cattleman. It is the most traditional and oldest type. Ranch owners came up with this style to distinguish themselves from the rodeos. It has a 4 to 5 inch taller but slimmer crown. A single crease runs in the center of the crown. It also possesses two creases on its either side.

It was easier for the cowboys with this hat on as they benefited from the larger crown when it rained or was windy. It enabled them to draw it down further, allowing it to stay on better. The Cattleman cowboy hat is said to be the Gentleman’s hat, as people usually wear it to weddings and various other formal ceremonies. You get them both in straw and felt.

The Gus

The second most popular among cowboy hat styles is the Gus. The Gus crease looks a lot like the Cattleman crease. It is an old-fashioned hat with a more outback aspect than the typical Cattleman hat.

The Gus, like the Cattleman, has a tall crown. A single crease runs down the middle with two creases on both sides. The crown possesses a slight inclination.

The Pinched Front

The front of the crown of this hat has a pinched appearance caused by indents on both sides. It is similar to the shape of a V. It’s said to have a combination of two typical crown styles – the diamond and the teardrop crown. If you have delicate jawlines, grab this cowboy hat, as it will accentuate your facial feature. You get this hat style mostly in straw.

The Gambler

A Gambler hat is known for its large brim and flat crown. The Gambler crease, also known as the Telescope crease, was brought into use by Charros, the Mexican cowboys who came to Nevada and Mexico from South America to work in ranches. The hat is perfect for hot regions since the flat low crown keeps hot air out, and the wide brim provides adequate sun protection.

The Gambler is usually made of fur or felt. Rhett Butler popularized it in the epic movie, Gone with the Wind. It quickly became a popular alternative to the classic cowboy hat among many affluent landowners. White or black colors are the preferred choice for Gambler hats.

The Brick

The mixed features of a Cattleman and a Gambler hat gave rise to the Brick style. It is an apt hat style to use in high winds and rains. Its sharp-looking characteristics make it usable for formal occasions too.


One thing you must remember. Men’s tastes have evolved over time. Hatters have done their best to meet the demands of the fashion world. They have frequently merged the key aspects of several hat styles to create a new style. As a result, there are no hard and fast rules that a hat maker follows while creating them. You, too, must not limit yourself to trying a single type. Rather, experimenting with new trends would be the wisest thing to do.