4 Tips Before Using Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

We all want beautiful full lashes, but the cost of extensions and the glue mess have turned us away from that dream until the discovery of magnetic eyelash extensions. These have completely changed the amount of time and effort it takes to draw-dropping eyes in a fraction of the time and cost. I have come across a few tips before and during the application of the magnetic eyelash extensions that have made a world of difference, so here we go. 

Apply Makeup to Clean Skin

Before we begin to apply makeup on our face, we want to make sure we are using it to a clean, soft palate. Our desired result can have catastrophic fallouts if we clog our pores and eliminate the glow from our glamorous faces. Apply an excellent moisturizer to our faces and allow the makeup we will apply mesh and contour to our face. Apply a good foundation and powder depending on the type of skin you have, so our skin adds depth and highlights our cheekbones and structure. 

Finish all Eye Shadow 

Now onto our eyes. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, setting the tone for a good application can pump up the lash effect and allow your Eyes to be on full display. Apply good quality eye products that are only meant for around your eyes. The skin can be sensitive, and that’s the last thing you want is irritated eyes. Move the shadow brush away from the eye in an outward motion to avoid clogging the ducts. If you are going low-key and want to tone down the eye shadow, apply a neutral base and avoid loud, colorful pallets. Now, if you’re going for the opposite extreme, using colors that bring attention to your eye colors is always fun to play with. Now onto the mascara tips. 

Curl Eyelashes and Apply mascara 

Prepping your real eyelashes to achieve the most natural effect takes a little prep work. Curl your lashes with a clean, smooth curler like the MoxieLash curler to ensure a more natural look. Apply your mascara of choice and let it dry, so it does not stick to the magnetic extension. Waiting a few minutes can elevate a lot of discomforts and make the lashes stick together. Now we are ready to move onto the magnetic eyeliner.

Magnetic Eye Liner Application 

This is the fun part. Using magnetic eyeliner is applied the same way any other eyeliner would be involved, from the inside corner to the outside, as close to the natural lash line as possible. This will help ensure a full thick blend of natural and extended lashes. Depending on the dramatic lines you want to create on the outer part of your eyelid, you should still allow a good 4-5 minutes to dry. Doing a simple blog test on your ring finger to ensure it is dry, eliminating the lashes attracts the eyeliner properly, giving it the highest quality hold. No one wants a sticky residue building upon their freshly applied makeup!

Using these tips can safeguard you from starting over and beginning doing your makeup from the beginning. We don’t want to walk around liking like we have spider legs creeping out of our eyes, so taking your time and building your routine with each tip and step to provide your eyes are making a statement and without anyone knowing they are extensions!