4 Sizzling Secrets to Wearing Plus Size Lingerie

Fashion and self-expression are increasingly expanding in New Zealand. Located in the Pacific Ocean’s southwestern area, the breezy and mountainous country is unfazed by its unpredictable weather; nor is it limited to outdated beauty standards. Hence, there has also been a tremendous increase in plus size clothing shops in recent years.

Take plus size lingerie in NZ, for example. Each type of intimate wear is carefully constructed to highlight the curves of full-figured women and make them feel confident. After all, how can plus-size lingerie be sexy if it doesn’t fit well or if it is uncomfortable to wear?

Wearing lingerie feels empowering for some women. The intricate designs and scantily structured undergarments can effectively make any woman feel sexier and more beautiful. In the case of women with curvier figures, picking out comfortable lingerie can be a bit of a challenge.

There is an art to finding the right intimate wear for full-figured women.

It is not just about finding the fanciest looking lace womens underwear or opting for the most strappy and daring lingerie. Instead, wearing lingerie among plus-size women should be based on comfort, style choice, and ultimately exploring what type of underwear fits one’s personality and figure the best.

Think of plus-size supermodels such as Ashley Graham, Chloe Marshall, Precious Victoria Lee and Anita Marshall. One of the secrets behind how they can wear skimpy undergarments with much confidence is because the fitting and design both suit their unique curves and personality.

If you are a full-figured woman aspiring to achieve the same rhapsodic appeal, you can attain just that by following the following lingerie-wearing tips for plus-size beauties:

1 – Stick with a type that highlights your style aesthetic

Just because you wear lingerie mostly while inside the comforts of your room and home, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for dull and uninspiring lingerie designs. Skimpy undergarments are designed that way primarily because women are supposed to feel more comfortable in their skin when they wear it. Also, recent fashion trends now pair lingerie with everyday pieces such as skirts, jackets and pants to create a sexy and badass outfit. Plus size lingerie in NZ comes in different variations and designs. Some have straps, while some are made of lace. Some are made of sheer material while there are also nightgowns bearing prints and colours. Don’t be afraid to play with colours, or try different designs until you find one that suits what you want.  You might even want to include some great women’s hosiery as an option.

2 – Prioritise comfort

Bustiers, corsets and straps may not always work well with curvy women, thus making the lingerie extremely uncomfortable to wear. While corsets and straps do sound daring, it will not be worth it if it feels too tight or itchy against your body. Excellent and equally sensual alternatives include flowy and sheer nightgowns, chemise and robes. There is also lingerie with adjustable or removable straps that effectively add a sensual appeal when worn.

3 – Don’t settle for undergarments that are too short or too long for your size

The ideal lingerie should highlight the distinct seductive appeal of your body. Wearing intimate wear that’s too short can make you look silly, and it also lessens your sexual charm. In the same manner, nightgowns that drag your arms or your legs down with excessive length will only defeat the purpose of putting on a skimpy undergarment. For reference, check out plus size lingerie in NZ, as most lingerie designers based in the said area are known to highlight body positivity in their designs.

4 – Try taking selfies while wearing lingerie

Confidence and comfort while wearing lingerie can take time for some. Try reinforcing the idea and image in your mind: Stand in front of the mirror and take tons of pictures while in your favourite lacy undies. The key element here is you learn how to have fun and begin to feel freer while wearing your scantiest and most romantic lingerie. Strike a pose, click the camera, and don’t forget to flash a confident smile.

Plus size lingerie proves that no matter what your size may be, you can always find ways to embrace what you have and feel sexy and emboldened.

Author:  Jessica Ellen