4 Simple But Effective Styling Steps to Prevent Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a particular issue for anyone that already has wavy hair. It can be a real issue as rain, or the slightest threat of humidity will turn your beautiful hairstyle into something that looks more like a sheep, ready to be sheared.

Let’s face it, no one likes frizzy hair. But, the good news is that you can avoid it. The following four tips are simple to implement but make a real difference.

1. Use A Wooden Comb

You need to comb or brush your hair to get it looking perfect. There is an abundance of plastic combs on the market and it is tempting to simply choose one of these. However, a plastic comb will increase the static in your hair, boosting its volume and the potential for it to go frizzy.

Instead of using plastic, opt for a wooden comb, you will find it is much nicer for your hair. It won’t just reduce the likelihood of frizz, it also makes your hair feel softer and looks fantastic.

2. The Right Products

You need to know what type of hair you have to help choose the perfect product. The good news is that the Kevin Murphy collection offers everything you could need to moisturize your hair, lock in nutrients, and keep the frizz away.

You should note that wavy hair is naturally dryer. You need to keep it moisturized by using a moisturizing shampoo, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding harsh chemicals in your hair. The drier your hair the more likely it is to frizz at the first hint of water.

3. Never Brush Dry Hair

Brushing hair is always a risky proposition. When your hair is wet it is heavier and the excess strain is more likely to cause damage to your hair. That is why you should use a wooden brush, it allows you to comb your hair while reducing the risk of damage.

But, brushing dry hair is even worse for your hair! When your hair is dry it is more likely to become frizzy as you brush it. This is because the brushing will remove the natural curls in your hair, increasing the risk of breakage while boosting volume and the likelihood of it becoming frizzy.

4. Avoid The Heat

You probably already know that your hot styling tools are likely to dry your hair. This is bad for all hair types, especially those prone to frizz. Drying out your hair increases the likelihood of it happening. This is why experts generally recommend you give your hair a couple of days off every week.

However, you may not realize that hot water can also damage your hair and increases the risk of it being frizzy. In the summer you may be able to tolerate a cold shower which is better for your hair, the frizz, and your overall health. Don’t worry if you can’t stand it cold in the winter, lukewarm water also reduces frizz in hair.