4 Leather Fashion Staples for Men

Unlike the multiple fabrics we’ve seen come and go over the years, leather has cemented itself as a staple material in clothing and fashion. Leather not only has a strong fashion appeal, but it is also protective and has durable qualities.

Leather is specifically an excellent choice for men as it has a commanding tone of confidence on whatever piece or color it’s worn in.

Here are four leather fashion staples for men that you can find at a good leather store near you and the top-of-the-line Renaissance Faire Clothing you can order anytime online.

1. The Leather Belt

Leather belts from Trafalgar are a classic closet essential that will never run out of style. They are versatile and can blend into any look you are going for. They are also a timeless accessory that will stand the winds of time no matter how much fashion trends change.

If you are considering adding a leather belt to your wardrobe, we suggest starting with a casual leather belt. This way, you can gradually familiarize yourself with leather belts before taking it a step forward and getting yourself an official leather belt.

2. A Leather Bag

A leather bag is a sophisticated accessory that speaks a lot about you. A well-built leather laptop bag or briefcase immediately will add a spark of class to your style.

It’s a perfect and essential upgrade to any man’s wardrobe. The best thing about leather bags is that provided they were produced well, they should last you a lifetime.

You may find different types of leather at the leather store. So, when making your pick, consider that leather grade is the best quality and grade of leather. If you are looking for a casual bag, a brown leather bag will cut it but try and go for darker tones if you want a formal or more conservative look.

3. A Simple Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are an effortless style essential. They are not only fashionable but also very functional. There is a wide array of leather wallet styles, from vibrant colors to natural tones.

You’ll also find classic robust designs, vintage leather looks, and wallets with extravagant details. The choice is up to you and what pleases your eye.

If you frequently wear jeans, consider lighter leather. It’s likely to just soak in the coloring of your denim, creating a unique patina.

4. Leather Cases For Glasses

If you’ve caught up by now, you can tell that leather is a fashion staple for any man seeking to have an aura of elegance. Leather glass cases are that slight touch that immediately brings sophistication to your presence.

A leather glass case is an excellent fashionably manly accessory, whether they are medicated glasses or sunnies to complete your look. They are incredibly functional for frequent travelers. When you visit the leather store, consider cases filed with microfibre in their interiors.

Always Buy Leather Products from a Leather Store For Genuine Leather.

It’s easy to be comfortable with an everyday style. However, adding a few leather staples can make a significant difference in your look.

Remember, impressions are often formed even before you say a word. Enhance your wardrobe with the above leather staples and let your leather set the tone for you.