3 Ways the Perfect Fit Bra Can Transform a Look

It is not always easy to find the bra that fits best, even when you have accurate measurements. An ideal fit is about a combination of shape, comfort, and support when you are active. To achieve that, you need to know how to fine-tune size choices and which bra styles will work best with your body. Here are three ways the perfect fit bra can transform your look and help you make an impression.

Enhances The Contour of Your Upper Body

Let’s be honest, some silhouettes only exist when you create them, and finding a bra that fits the right way in a style that suits both your body type and your outfit is one of the key steps to creating the contour you need to pull off the shape you want from a dress, women’s suit, or any other outfit. When you understand the best bras for your body and the sister sizes that let you fine-tune each one, you can control your shape more closely than before while remaining more comfortable than you were with your old bra fit, too.

Your Clothes Will Fit Your Body Better

When your bra fits better and you wear the right style, that foundational contour to your shape helps your outfit too. A bra that is too small can restrict your movement in ways that affect your posture and change the way your outfit makes contact with your body, effectively neutralizing the shape the designer wanted. One that is too big leaves loose spots that can catch on clothes, moving the undergarment in ways that stand out or causing issues with pulling as you change positions.

If this has been an issue in either direction, it’s good to start with a bra size quiz that includes a guide to sister sizes and a way to evaluate how different bra choices go with your breast type. Breast type has a big effect on your overall body type, and that changes how different garments look as well.

Clothes Move More Naturally With Your Body

It’s not just the way your clothes fit when you’re putting them on or standing still. Your range of movement and the way your clothes move in relation to your body both change with the fit of your undergarments. Restricted range of motion from the same issues that lead to an ill fit also lead you to an awkward look in motion that can translate to problems with everyday activities, especially if you work a job that requires a lot of lifting and moving.

It’s a simple enough idea. Bra fit problems essentially create a clothing layer that creates interference with your outer garments, so they do not flow naturally with the movement of your body. Depending on the direction of that interference, it can lead to increased clumsiness caused by too much fabric in the way when you are trying to move.

The other kind of fit issue leads to restricted movement that makes prolonged activity uncomfortable. Find your best fit today by getting fresh measurements that let you figure out the ideal sizes and styles for your next bra purchase.