3 Ways CBD And Veganism Are Embracing Fashion

Few people could’ve imagined going out wearing a face mask several years ago. With the COVID crisis still raging, designers have created face masks to go with their tops. While they’re no surgical or N95 mask, these cloth masks still slow the virus’s spread to an extent. At the same time, they ensure a steady supply of medical-grade face masks to people who need them the most.

This example shows how fast fashion can pick up trends, and for a good reason. Life moves a lot faster now than it did in previous decades, owing to modern conveniences like mobile devices and the Internet. Fashion trends have to move as quickly, if not be a few steps ahead. But as a result of this fast-paced environment, some trends tend to last days before going out of style.

The trendy cloth masks also show how a trend can last far longer, contributing to resolving current issues. Perhaps the most notable being medical marijuana and the environment. It might seem that these two would be the last place fashion would show interest, but it’s already happened. Just look at the following examples:

1. CBD-Infused Clothing

In 2019, New York-based clothing brand Acabada released its Activewear line, workout clothing that contains up to 25 grams of 99.9% cannabidiol (CBD). A unique polymer coating protects CBD droplets from oxidation or evaporation, only gradually opening up when your skin rubs against the clothing. The droplets then seep into your body through the skin, providing pain relief.

The technology takes advantage of bioavailability or the body’s rate of absorption of a substance or compound. While applying CBD on the skin is possible, it’s less effective than orally ingesting it since it doesn’t enter the bloodstream as quickly. Experts say topical applications require a water-soluble compound like ethanol to be more effective.

However, the exact science behind all this is still up in the air. In truth, the handful of studies about CBD and its medicinal potential are far from conclusive. At best, there haven’t been any cases of harmful side effects from wearing CBD-infused clothing.  

2. Cruelty-Free Coupons

In its lifelong pro-animal crusade, PETA has been offering discount coupons for purchasing items on cruelty-free brands. Some of these eligible items include vegan meals, leather-free fashion, and plant-based cosmetics. Several coupons offer free shipping alongside their discounts.

Animal-friendly lifestyles have taken off even before the pandemic as more people have become aware of climate change. For manufacturers to supply enough leather for bags and other fashion articles, they need enough cowhides, which will have to come from cattle farming. And as multiple studies have shown, cattle farming is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Veganism involves abstaining from anything made with animals or animal byproducts—both food and non-food. Despite the difficulty in maintaining it, such a lifestyle has seen a modest increase. At least in the U.S., there are six times more vegans now than seven years ago.

3. Boosting Libido with CBD

Boosting Libido with CBD

Clothes are only a part of fashion’s larger picture; it also encompasses lifestyles. And it so happens that your lifestyle of choice can have an impact on your sex life.

Research about CBD improving sex drive has made a bit more strides, at least. Researchers from the Czech Republic in 2017 discovered that cannabis could activate the part of the brain that regulates arousal, helping people with low sex drive. It has also shown some promise in reducing anxiety during sex with an intake between 300 and 600 mg.

But as mentioned earlier, CBD studies are still far from conclusive. It’s still important to invest in a healthy lifestyle the old-fashioned way, such as limiting alcohol intake, avoiding smoking, and eating a balanced diet.

Final Thoughts

CBD and veganism may be growing in the fashion scene, but the number of brands carrying these trends isn’t large enough yet. Right now, you most likely won’t find a CBD or vegan store nearby (though you have a better chance online). In the meantime, you can consider the following tips:

  • Read product labels thoroughly before making a purchase.
  • Look for available pro-animal alternatives such as cotton.
  • Always ask your doctor first before trying out a health item.

Fashion trends may come and go fast, but there are hardly any consequences in missing out. CBD and vegan products are unlikely to bow out of fashion, considering the growing demand for them. The longer they remain in the market, the more people will come to understand—and eventually adopt them.

Who knows? Even if they fall out of fashion, they might pick up again in the next decade or two.