3 No-Heat Techniques for Wavy Hair

To whoever questioned themselves about getting charming bouncy curls in their hair, we say “yes, curls are great, but have you ever experienced the effort it takes to accomplish a cute, wavy hairstyle?”

If you are blessed with generous amounts of hair, curling might take a toll both on your arms strength and make you sweat. Especially during summer, can you imagine what it takes to create a wavy hairstyle while using a hot curling wand or heated rollers?

For those interested in flaunting beautiful waves in their tresses, overnight, there are practical, free solutions to help you achieve this without having to use a curling wand!

If you have a wavy medium haircut, these hacks will come in extremely easy since they can give you a cool look with no extra-investment!

Here is how to obtain flawless curls with 3 fool-proof no-heat techniques:

1. Heatless Ringlet Curls

Whether your hair is stick straight or slightly wavy, this method is 100% sure to help you obtain beautiful ringlets, even if we are talking about your fringe or the entire length of your locks.

The main requirements would be:

  • a water-based product to apply on the tips.
  • a dozen bobby pins that will help you secure the curls you created in place.
  • Patience- for the best results, you should wait for at least 10 minutes or more until the curls are perfectly dried and you can safely take the hairpins out and marvel at the pretty results! Safe and perfectly damage-free for your hair!

2. Heatless Curls Bantu Knots

Heatless Curls Bantu Knots

Might sound familiar and it met quite a revamp these days! The Bantu Knots hairstyle is a great starting place to get wavy tendrils all around your head. And thanks to the come-back of 90’s hairstyle trends, you are also sure to look cool while waiting for those curls to be shaped. Bantu knots look simply stunning mixed with neon-colored eyeshadow and matching lipstick. Once you untie those knots, you will be stunned by how wavy each lock of hair becomes! Just wow!

3. Braid Waves

A classical, no-heat waving method would be the braiding technique that should come “in-handy” to any person out there that wants to get quick, no effort waves! You will need a couple of elastic hair bands depending on how many braids you intend to have. You can wave your entire mane or maybe just the front strands so that your medium hair gets that super trendy dimension with a couple of loose side waves.

After carefully combing each strand, you can proceed to braid 3-strand braids starting at the roots or wherever you want the wavy-pattern to begin, and then secure each braid with an elastic band.  This technique can help you get through the week with a quick transition from sporting a braid during half of the week and then switching for a wavy hairstyle!

However, if you want to simply flaunt wavy hair, it would be best to have your hair damp, freshly washed, and combed. Take those elastics out in the morning and arrange the wavy tendrils as best as you can so that everyone can admire you.

These heatless techniques for wavy hair are easy to execute, the only down-side to all of them being that they require patience and some practice beforehand. They are mostly indicated when you want to achieve a natural, feminine look, without that perfect definition and symmetrical look that using a curling wand gives you! And since the lockdown gives you plenty of time to stay inside and play with your appearance, it is a cool idea to start putting these techniques to work!