3 Essential Rules for Choosing Stylish Accessories

Accessories can transform your whole outfit and they can make or break your look. A statement necklace with a handbag can turn an outfit from boring to amazing instantly. However, many women struggle with finding the right balance of accessories to make their look stunning and they end up wearing unmatched accessories. 

The latest and most trendy accessories are not necessarily the right choice to make, as you can experiment with unique items freely. No matter what kind of accessories you like to wear, there are three essential rules you must put into consideration while choosing accessories to look stylish all the time.

1. Choose the Right Colors

The color contrast in your outfit will add elegance to your overall look. Choosing the same color for both the outfit and the accessories is not particularly a good idea. For example, if you wear a black and red outfit, don’t put on accessories with the same colors. Instead, choose colors that match your outfit in the same proportion of lightness or darkness. Wearing colorful accessories with neutral clothing will make the outfit pop. Don’t be afraid to try color combinations, your eyes will know what goes with what naturally. If you need help in matching colors, then you should learn the basics of primary and secondary colors.

2. Accessories Transform The Style

The art of styling is essential to know which accessories to wear with certain outfits, or how to change the style of an outfit by wearing the right accessories. A simple black dress can be worn to work, a date night, or dancing, but the accessories determine the style. For example, if you want a classy look for a date, the jewelry creators at Joyamo Jewelry advise that wearing simple, yet elegant jewelry with a silk scarf and a leather handbag will ensure that your partner will be fascinated with your look. Wearing a black dress with a colorful handbag and scarf will give you the funky look that you want while adding chunky jewelry to the mix.

3. Size Matters

3 Essential Rules for Choosing Stylish Accessories

Bigger doesn’t mean better necessarily, on the contrary, it is advised that you don’t wear more than 3 big accessories with your outfit. Too many large accessories will make your whole appearance overwhelming. However, wearing a set of small jewelry will not make the set stand out, instead, opt for a set with one large piece of jewelry to catch people’s attention and make the set pop out. The size of your handbag should be appropriate to your size as well; if you are petite, opt for small-sized bags and stay away from oversized ones. Plus-sized women can rock their appearance with medium and boxy bags.

These 3 essential rules for accessorizing will help you make the right decisions when you try to put up an outfit. Accessories should enhance your look, not dominate it. The color balance between your clothes and accessories is the fastest way to rock your look effortlessly. Keep the size of the accessories into consideration while styling your outfit with jewelry, handbags, and other accessories.