What To Wear If You Work Out

If you go to the gym avidly and find that you spend a lot of time in the weights section, after a while shirts may not be fitting as well as they once did. They may become tighter around the bicep and shoulder area, and if you do big compound lifts such as squats, your trousers may become tight around your quads and glutes. With fitness being the height of fashion, you would like to think that retailers had updated their stock to include outfits for people who worked out, but it can be difficult to figure out what to wear if you work out, don’t worry though, we’ve got you. 

Athletic Fit 

Gone are the days of having to wear shirts that are too big and baggy in order to get your arms in them. Now you have access to athletic fit dress shirts that have a wider neck and wider to arms to accommodate bigger muscles. These shirts also have slimmer fit, so even if the arms, neck and shoulders are slightly bigger, you don’t then get drowned in the excess fabric.  There are lots of great options for mens gym wear.

Keep It Neutral 

When you’ve got muscles, you naturally want to show them off, I mean, you’ve worked hard for them, but bright colours aren’t the way to do it. When you’re big, there is obviously more of you, so there is more colour. Whilst a red t shirt may look good a slim guy the same can’t be said if you’ve piled on the muscle. You may not think it, but it can be seen as being obnoxious. Don’t get me wrong, in the summer, bring on the brightly coloured singlets and vests, but on a daily basis, keep it neutral and subtle. 

T Shirts

You’re going to find purchasing clothes difficult, especially if you aren’t buying gym wear and this is because retailers don’t normally make clothes for muscly men. When you are buying T Shirts, make sure they are tight fitting and that the seam cuts off mid bicep, not only will this make your bicep look bigger, it will also accentuate your shoulders. Keep with the non-offensive or obnoxious colours, neutrals such as beige or grey, but your best friend will be white, especially if you want to show off your shape. If you have been particularly dedicated when it has come to working your chest, look for V necks as they increase the broadness of the chest and may also give people a sneak peek with what is underneath. 


When it comes to choosing jackets, it can be a mine field. There are so many available but you want to make sure that they complement your build rather than hide it. If you want to make sure everyone notices your V shape, chose jackets that cut off at the waste. A traditional bomber jacket or Harrington style jacket is excellent at doing this. You’ll find that they are tapered in at the waist and because they have big shoulders by design, they will make you look even wider. If you don’t have big arms, don’t worry! A Harrington jacket is designed to have emptier arms, so if you have big shoulders but lack biceps, this jacket will make sure that you look as though you are in equal proportion. 


Yes, you read that correctly, cardigans. These are an excellent way to accentuate your shoulders, chest and arms, especially if they have the breast panelling and low V at the front. The thinner the wool of the cardigan, the more it will sit against your physique and the bigger it will make you look. These are also excellent for layering as the last thing you want to do is get cold. You can match this with a well-fitting shirt or t shirt to give you that smart yet casual look. 

Final Thoughts

Dressing for muscles isn’t something that has to be difficult as long as you know what types of clothing will help accentuate all your hard work. Make sure that you chose an athletic fitting dress shirt, as this can help you not only feel more comfortable, but also show all the hours you’ve been putting in at the gym. For something more casual, keep with neutral colours and tight fits, not only are these inoffensive, they will also make you look bigger, especially if you get t shirts that cut off mid bicep and at the waist. Always remember to accentuate your V shape by getting clothes that don’t go past your waist, this will add inches to your shoulders and chest.