5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories

As we exist in a consumer-centric world, it is not always easy to figure out your essential needs when it comes to fashion items. Whether you live on fast fashion or you can afford to indulge in more expensive items, you can always create a list of your must-have fashion accessories so you don’t blow out your beauty budget for the month. Below are the 5 must-have fashion accessories that every woman should have in their arsenal – no matter your budget!

Essential Pouch

Every woman should have at least one essential pouch whether it’s a basic $5 pouch or a high end $50 pouch. Nothing screams elegance and style than a small pouch that can help you organize your items. And with an essential pouch, the possibilities are limitless; you can use it to carry your makeup or toiletries or even stuff in electronics and keys.

If you have extra cash to spare, look for a pouch that is designed with versatility. Some of the best essential pouches are designed not only to be used not organizers for your purse but also as a clutch, wristlet, or even as a mini strapped bag. Imagine how many outfit possibilities you can get from this simple and smart purchase!

Skincare Kit

It is wise to say that any woman should have a skincare routine by the time they are in their mid to late twenties. Therefore, a skincare kit is a must-have! Using the right skincare regimen for leaves your skin looking younger, radiant, and healthy. A proper skincare routine also helps to significantly delay aging.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on those mega large and luxurious skincare kits with facial cleansers, facial toners, anti-aging creams, serums, exfoliant, night creams, correction balms, and bb creams. As a general rule of thumb, a basic skincare kit includes a facial cleanser, facial toner, and face moisturizer. If your skin is too demanding, then, maybe a night cream or anti-aging cream.

For some skin types, using a gentle exfoliant or scrub once a week also helps to clear the skin by removing dead cells and built-up dirt. In addition to identifying products you need for your skin, you should also know your skin type to ensure positive results. Figure out if you have oily, combination, dry or normal skin.


Your skincare routine shouldn’t be limited to the face. You also want to invest in a good moisturizer for your body. It doesn’t matter which one you choose – whether its natural oil or unfragranced lotion – as long as it works for you. Using a moisturizer goes a long way beyond just hydrating the skin.

The best body moisturizers even help to regulate your body temperature and ultimately, help to regulate the hydration. Other benefits of moisturizing your skin include making it look younger, radiant, and clean. Moisturizing your skin also helps other beauty regimens work, for example, applying perfume on freshly moisturized skin allows it to last longer.

Other moisturizers also have healing and protectant qualities. For example, coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Shea butter on the other end protects your skin from dryness and conditions such as eczema. Other moisturizers are also SPF treated to help protect your skin from UV rays.

You can also invest in moisturizers to carry around with you in the form of lip balms. Some of the best lip balms are designed with multiple uses. They don’t only moisturize your lip but also allow you to use them as moisturizers to lighten up your cuticles or elbows. Other lip balms are even formulated with naturally moisturizing ingredients such as castor oil or beeswax which improve their hydrating qualities. 

This formulation allows the lip balm to settle on your skin and create a longer-lasting moisture seal. You can even apply the lip balm on pressure points before your freshen up your perfume to allow it to last longer on your skin.

Carry On

Yes, as a grown woman, a carry on is a must-have fashion accessory. This doesn’t necessarily mean those hard-shelled suitcases like the ones you see people hauling around at the airport but rather a comfortable bag you can pack in a weekend worth of clothing and personal effects. Your carry own can be designed in any style – be it duffel bag, or soft or hard-shelled mini suitcase.

Investing in a carry on makes your life easier every time you want to take a weekend trip to visit your friend or attend your cousin’s weekend out of town. It also comes with convenience as you can carry it, haul it or travel with it anywhere – in a plane, a bus, or an Uber! And as you transition on to a professional career that may require frequent travel, you will understand the necessity of having one.


As an adult, you cannot leave the house without applying perfume – whether its parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, or body spray. In addition to helping you smell good all day, perfume is also a confidence booster and uplifts your mood – you just need to know how to choose the right scent for you. The best thing about perfume is that it is widely available, no matter your budgetary limitations or scent needs – be it floral, fruity, oceanic, spicy or warm.

Wearing perfume also brings a positive ambiance around you. For example, if you work in advertisement or marketing, wearing the right perfume can bring positive results on your pitch day as it will draw your audience’s attention and receptiveness towards you. However, you should also remember the don’ts of applying perfume – avoid walking into people’s office or communal office areas with an offensively strong perfume.

Before you pick your signature perfume, learn how to choose the right perfume for the occasion. understand concepts such as the top, middle, and base fragrance notes and how they determine the overall body of your perfume. Mastering this skill allows you to choose the appropriate perfume to wear in an airconditioned office or your outdoor job.