Beautiful and Bold Face Masks from Fashion Designers

In the aftermath of the ongoing pandemic, we’ll see people wearing face masks in public for quite some time – some say months, others think it’ll be years before we can finally put them away for good. One of the many problems with face masks, though, is that they don’t fit with any outfit other than scrubs. 

Face Masks

Not wearing them is not an option. Many governments have made their wear mandatory indoors and in public transport, and if you think of it, ignoring the recommendations in a public health crisis does sound like betting all your money on double zero at the 7Sultans Casino virtual roulette table twice in a row. Luckily, there are many fashion designers out there making the most of the new normal: they are creating face masks that are not only useful in preventing the spread of germs but that are also stylish, expressing the personality of the wearer.

Cloth masks

Making a face mask at home is easy if you have the least bit of talent with a needle and thread. If you don’t, you can always buy one online. Note that the masks you make at home or the ones you buy from fashion outlets are not medical-grade, meaning that it is recommended that you wear them above a normal, medical face mask. 

There are quite a few stylish models you can buy today online that are easy to use and far more stylish than any of the medical masks available today.

Colorful, stylish face masks

Colorful stylish face masks

FashionAFRICANA’s non-medical masks use original African wax print fabrics (Ankara fabric) and are reusable. They are fun and colorful while ensuring the best possible fit

Rag & Bone’s stylish face masks stand out with their design and shape. They come with adjustable ear straps and resistant outer layers with cotton lining that makes them reusable and washable.


Onzie’s face masks come in stylish black, adventurous leopard print, and fun, neon pink, and tie-dye. They are made of a resistant, breathable fabric that can be used and reused at least until the end of the pandemic. Perhaps even beyond. The brand has masks that were made with kids in mind, too – they come in smaller sizes, fun color combinations, and prints.


Will a cloth mask protect you from the virus?

First and foremost, it’s important to know that all these fashionable and stylish face coverings are non-medical grade. They offer at least some protection from the droplets in the air potentially spreading a viral infection – but “some” is not synonymous with “100%”. But they were never meant to be used in a clinical environment. 

Combines with social distancing and the observance of other public health measures, these masks can help you avoid contamination and perhaps filter out dust, pollen, and other allergens, helping you stay safer and healthier while looking your best.