Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

Hairstyles have been the style statement for centuries. One of the salient features that represent your personality is your hairstyle. Different models and celebrities are keen about the feature to look idiosyncratic and stand out among others. Hairstyles change your outlook as nothing else can do. 

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People are becoming more conscious about how to look prettier and unique. Throughout history, numerous different hairstyles have been tried and set to trend. Some have left marks as the strangest hairstyles in history. Let’s discuss some of them.

Shingle Bob

Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

Layered bob cuts are still a style statement in 2021. They can fit on your face regardless of the shape it has. Bob has been the fashion statement for years, and it will never be outdated in the lookbook whatever the century we are in. 

Shingle bobs came into fashion when women were trying experiments with their hairstyles. In the 1920s, this look had become people’s go-to cut. 

Chubchik Haircut

Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

Bangs and Chubchik in Russia is a well-known hairdo among Gopnik, youngsters, and rednecks. A Chelsea hairstyle is an outrageous troublemaker hairdo principally worn by ladies and loved and tried by Russian men.

One of the popular yet strangest hairstyles in history you will ever see is Chubchik. This haircut leaves only the bangs in front while trimming off the rest of their skull. Criminals used to have this type of haircut in the 1800s. However, the present hairstyle, the curly bangs, began to be in origin since the fifties, commonly worn by thieves. 

The military origin may also be preferred by some. This hairstyle, though very popular and widely accepted, is surely very atypical. 

Qing Dynasty

Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

Since we are in a detailed discussion of the strangest hairstyles, how can we forget the Qing Dynasty?

This hairstyle was commonly men-specific. The style was such that the hair in front was trimmed up to the temple, leaving the rest behind and allowed to grow, and the resultant longer hair was tied in a long braid. The style was forcefully introduced to the Han Chinese and other people in the early 17th century. This definitely was one of the strangest haircuts to look at that’s bald in front and had long hair at the back. This is why this hairstyle is traced in one of the weirdest hair statements in history. 

Similar braids are worn by women to date. The main difference is the hair at the front is not trimmed or shaved. This is the current style statement accepted by women for casual styling. 

Large Forehead

Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

Unlike today, there was a time when a large forehead was considered to be attractive and appealing. Women used to envy other women having larger foreheads. If they were not blessed with a large forehead to mimic the style, they used to pluck their hair at the back. Though considered a trend and popular in those times, it is hard to say that the hairstyle looks good. 

It is a blessing for the current century that we don’t have to pull off this style to look fashionable and stylish. Cheers to you all. 

At the very moment, smaller foreheads are considered prettier than those large foreheads. But frankly speaking, beauty can’t be measured in these ways. Every person is pretty the way their features are created. We cannot criticize anyone based on some particular facial features.

Trinket Braids 

Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

Ladies mesh together things like shells, bottle covers, and wooden globules into their headscarves to make a style that follows a similar thought of an appeal wristband.

This has been considered one of the weirdest hair statements, but in this day and age, girls are fascinated by things like beads and wooden shells to be used as hair accessories, and the hairstyle is gaining popularity once again but in a better and presentable manner.

Different accessories are available in the market for the people who love this fashion statement. These accessories even have introduced the use of jewelry to be worn in the hair


Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

Women have tried perming their hair to add volume, but it has never been an acceptable hairstyle and has been declared weird and awkward by the girls who tried it themselves. It didn’t gain much popularity since the advent. Hairstyle experts have considered this perm hairstyle old-fashioned and outdated. 


Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

There are not many words that will send you into a full-body wince like “mullet.” Mullet haircut is the most noticeably awful hair pattern ever. It has been tried by many people but, overall, never gained popularity. 

The abnormal hairdo, which requires a trimmed trim at the highest point of the head and long hair at the edges and back, may have some way or another figured out how to restore prevalence then, at that point. 


Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

The earliest versions of toupee ever gained affirmation among the common people. It never succeeded in standing out in the past. People preferred to go bald than to adapt this half-trimmed haircut. 

Though considered weird in the past, today’s variants of toupee are way more presentable, and prepossessing hair statements men are trying out. 


Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

People say that this trend should never make a comeback in the trend history. Skrillex was fun to try by the majority for a short time, but the cool started to be lost after that, and no one wants to try that trend ever again. 

The trend is made and broken by us, the common people. It depends if the look is presentable or not, and this is decided by the eyes of the onlookers. If we all love it, it becomes a trend; if not, it gets rejected and never comes back.

You must be familiar with Skrillex as it has been tried by one of the famous singers of the current time, Rihanna. The hairdo has a half-shaved head.

The intense pattern is additionally among one of the hardest to develop out. Ordinarily, cuts made in the scruff of your head are a lot simpler to develop out than ones on one or the other side of the head.

Feathered Hair

Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

In the 1980s, a lot of different experiments have been tried with hair. Many of them got rejected, out of which a feathered hairdo was one. It has been outdated because it adds many years to your age, and that is not something liked by women or even men. Who wants to add his age? People get a nice hairstyle to look younger, and here we have a feathered hairdo that adds many years to your age. 


Although these hairstyles were liked in the past by our ancestors, they have no significant place in today’s world. These strange hairstyles have been marked in history, and people desperately want them to be buried and never become a trend.