Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair

Beautiful hairstyles aren’t just doable at the salon. Your hairdresser may be a professional at creating the buns that stay up on their own or the most intricate braids, but nothing can beat an easy hairstyle that looks difficult when it actually isn’t. Whether you’re off to work or headed to a formal occasion, these easy and quick hairstyles for long hair are sure to bring compliments anywhere you wear them.

You can quickly transform your bedhead, limp, or frizzy hair into a non-basic hairstyle by just doing a few simple steps. The effortless style choices are endless, from a super easy crown braid to various takes on a topknot. 

DIY Chic Braided Bun Hair

This sweet, romantic braided bun is easy to do. Just comb all your hair smoothly and fix it into a ponytail as high as you wish. Next, fix it with a hairband, braid the pony, and then fix the ends with another hairband. Twist the braided ponytail around the first hairband and fix the ends with some hairpins. Finally, apply some hairspray to keep it in form longer.

Side Braids

Want to try a fun and new hairstyle on your long hair? Consider having a romantic side braided hairstyle. Start by braiding from the front, and add locks in as you go on braiding. Then, put the braided hair on one side and add a couple of hair accessories.

Elegant Braided Hairstyle

the back of a woman, braided hair

This smooth braid will add a much admiring factor to your long straight hair. Smooth your hair first and start braiding from the front. Keep going and add some more locks in. After, tie the ends with a clear hairband.

Messy Summer Braid

This hairstyle is a double messy loose braid. Create it by beginning with dividing your hair into two parts. Braid each section as usual and proceed to add the loose locks into the braided one. When done, tie the ends with a hairband and loosen it lightly with your fingers for more volume and wideness.

Recogido Elegante

This hairstyle is fun and elegant, as well as simple to make. Begin by parting your hair from the middle. Then, style each section in a high ponytail. Twist the left pony and fix the ends with a clear hairband. Repeat the steps on the right pony, then twist it around the left one. Finally, loosen your hair to conceal the central line. You can add some hair accessories if you like.

Sleek Vixen Hair

This smooth vixen hairstyle can help your hair look cute and admirable. Start by straightening and smoothing your hair, then section it and fix it with hairbands after. Twist your hair and style it into a ponytail set with a hairband. Finally, wrap the hairband with some locks of hair and use some pins if required.

Perfect Ponytail

Get rid of those boring ponytails and start welcoming the perfect ponytail. With a bit of curling and twisting, you can easily make a voluminous, gorgeous ponytail that will blow all other ponytails away.

Romantic Twist Braid

This trendy twist braid may look complex at first, but you can achieve it with minimal effort. Start with combing your hair smoothly. Next, take a big section of your hair from the top, twist it, and fix it with a hairpin. Take another section from the left side of your hair and twist. Repeat the steps with the right side until you have most of your hair twisted. You can then add the hair accessories you like.

Good Prom Updo

A fantastic and splendid up-style, the Good Prom updo can suit numerous face structures and events. First, comb your hair smooth and tease the top part up to create volume. Next, style your hair into a ponytail and tuck it inward. Twist your hair, and you can use a u-shaped chin to fix it. Add a hairpin to accessorize if you prefer.

Low Ponytail

You can create this fishtail braided hairstyle in just a few steps. First, smooth your hair and divide it into three sections. Cross each section over each other for braiding, and you’re free to control the tightness as you like. Finish the look by tying it with a hairband.

Holiday Braid Bun Updo

A fun and casual Boho-braided side bun, this hairstyle involves one side of your hair to be braided and dragged back. The bun’s loose and low style suggests a carefree effect. Start by braiding at one side and continue downwards, tying the ends after. You can curl the other side of your hair for bounciness and volume. Twist both sides together to create a low bun. Then, tuck your hair inwards. Use pins if required.

Simple Lace Braid

The simple lace braid is better made on long hair because the longer the hair, the more charming the braid will be. Begin by taking a bundle of hair from the front section and braid it. Then, drag the braid under the rest of the locks. Repeat the same steps and tie the ends together with a clear hairband. You can also use pins to control some flyaways.