Fashionable and Functional Items You Should Wear While Working Out

Working out is a must in many people’s daily routines and will just continue to infiltrate the mainstream. We see this in fitness influencer culture where work out videos, tutorials, and exercise apps are surging in popularity. Even more so in these times, the pandemic has left us no choice but to stay indoors and find new creative ways to stay active at home.  

In terms of fashion, Athleisure alone is a style phenomenon that’s shaped our wardrobe choices. It’s now acceptable to have comfortable, athletic wear to be used in the workplace, school, or other social/casual environments, not just constrained inside the gym. Fashion designers and even luxury brands have been picking up on this, too. 

Whether you’re new to working out or already a gym-rat who needs a little more motivation, it’s critical to have the best workout clothes – in terms of functionality and fashion.

That being said, here are some fashionable and functional items you can wear while working out:

1. Running Tights

If you’re an avid runner, there are two things you’ll look for when it comes to your bottom wear: shorts or tights; basically something that won’t restrict you from running comfortably and freely. Saggy pants or loose clothes are the last things you need since they’ll just distract you from the workout due to all the tugging and adjusting. 

High-waist running tights or leggings are especially the most popular. Its tight design shows off and sculpts your figure so you can clearly see if you have the right figure and stance when carrying out exercises. 

Moreover, almost every brand, whether athletic or not, will most likely sell leggings. This means that you have multiple choice of designs, patterns, and colors. Now, it’s up to you to decide what is the most aesthetically pleasing and fashionable!

Running Tights

2. Compression Sleeves

There are sleeves for the legs, arms, ankles, and wrists. Not only are these a perfect addition to your overall workout look, but compression sleeves are extremely beneficial. 

They will help your muscles recover much more quickly so that you can move on to the next activity, allowing you to be better prepared for the next time you work out. It also enables blood flow to reach the heart quicker, which then speeds up the healing process of any injuries. Lastly, they also protect against tennis and golf elbow, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and hyperextension pain. 

Particular companies that sell sleeves with compression features will go into detail of how exactly their products aid specific parts/joints of the body.  Their lightweight and anti-odor fabric not only allow you to wear it under any of your clothes, but it also has targeted compression to relieve aches or discomforts. 

3. Bombas Socks

Who would’ve thought that socks could be fashionable? We don’t really think about this piece of clothing, do we? We tend to get plain white ones and really just consider the length we want depending on the shoes we have. 

Another option that carries a variety of designs and colors is Bomba Socks. These lightweight, purpose-built socks are made from proprietary cotton blend yarns. 

Take note that there are different sock designs and fits depending on the sport or activity. They boast strategic zone cushioning and airflow ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about blisters. It also ensures you are moving with speed and grace.

4. Armband Phone Holder

Probably the most functional item on this list is armbands that carry your phone, hence you can use your phone when jogging, cycling, or any cardio workout. This product is especially effective when you’re an owner of wireless earphones. This means that you can totally focus on your workout and not having to worry about anything tangling or falling out of your pocket. 

With your phone strapped to your arm, it is easily accessible in times that you have to change music or quickly check for any notifications. 

A quick search online at any shopping platform, and you’ll discover a variety of patterns, designs, and colors. There are even armbands that have little pockets for money or credit cards. Thus, this is definitely functional if you do not want to carry anything while running. 

5. Running Belt 

Similar to the armband, a running belt can keep your phone and other essentials valuables with you during a workout/run. They sit tight around your waist or hip and also give form to your body. They are not too thick, so they won’t be uncomfortable. 

Your house key, ID, phone, cash, or anything you feel you’ll need can be easily placed in here. 


Now you have no excuse! You’ve got your basics right here to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout! From pants, compression sleeves to a running belt, it’s time to hit the gym, start your warm-up, or get that aerobic video ready.