How to Choose Music for Studying

Music can help a lot in entertaining and keeping away distractions while studying. However, not any music that will help you pay attention while reading. There are several ways of determining the right music for your studies as discussed below by our friends at

Finding the Appropriate Music for your Study-Time

  • Avoid music with lyrics

Lyric free music is the most preferred type to listen to while studying. Songs with lyrics, especially those that you are familiar with can distract you or make you sing along while studying. Lyric-free songs will help you concentrate more on your studies. You can check for instrumental versions of your favorite lyric songs.

  • Go for relaxing and monotonous songs

Lookup for music that is a bit monotone. Music with multiple varying pitches and tones, and is fast-paced can cause more distraction than soothing effect while studying. You can smooth jazz or spa music for your study time. Rain sound, birds singing in or other natural sound are also great background music to make your studying less boring.

  • Opt Classical music

classical music is known to help you retain what you learn from studies. Most of the classical music available is lyric-free and thus less distraction. However, fast-paced and upbeat songs classical music is not recommendable for studying. Instead, go for moderated symphonies and piano ballads.

  • Electronic low tempo music is nice

If classical music is not your favorite, check for electronic songs with low tempo. They provide a great learning atmosphere while playing in the background. Find monotone electronic music that will fade slowly as you study.

  • Find unfamiliar music

if you like something fresh, find music from elsewhere in the world. Music hat is not well known to you will help you avoid being distracted during study time. The fact that the tune, beats, and lyrics are not familiar will ensure you not tempted to dance or sing along. Songs from other countries or regions will most likely have unfamiliar language, instruments, and format and will help you be more attentive in your studies.

Listen to the music you have chosen for study

  • Prepare a playlist in advance. To avoid being distracted as you study, create a playlist beforehand. It will be hard to concentrate if you have to constantly change or select music. With a ready playlist, all you have to do is press play once and enjoy continuous music in the background as you study.
  • Avoid playing your music at loud or high pitch volume. Play music at low or medium volume otherwise it will distract you and make it hard to focus.
  • Avoid headphones/ earphones usage. Headphones hardly allow music to fade in the background and you can easily get distracted. However, they are convenient to use if you are not studying along or you are in the library. Even so, reduce the volume to low.
  • If the song distracts you, discontinue or change it.┬áIf you find that you are constantly tapping your fingers, humming, singing along or dancing while on your site, change the song. This shows that you are getting distracted. Note the songs that distract you and eject them fro your study playlist.

While the process of choosing the right music may seem tedious, it is quite simple if you are determined to make you study timeless boring and productive. Make sure that you choose what you like listening provided it will allow you to concentrate on your studies.