8 Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks You Need to Learn

Are you looking for amazing tips and tricks to do eye makeup perfectly? Here are some tricks you can apply to your daily eye makeup.

There are so many ways you can define your eyes, using makeup and all you need is mascara, liner, shadow, contour, and highlighter. Using all of them correctly can get incredibly confusing. As you need a perfectly shaped eye and create an illusion to make your eye more amazing, I have gathered some tips and tricks for you to follow. And if you are looking for high-quality make up for sale, click the link.

Prevent Puffy Eye Bags

Prevent your morning eye puffiness with a cool treatment. You can rest your eyes with ice cubes and cucumber. You can also use some cold eye drops. Get enough sleep in this way your eye puffiness will reduce.

You can put some cold tea bags on the eyes as the tannins present in tea will tighten your skin. Also, restrain yourself from having too much salt in your food. In this way, your morning eye puffiness problem will be solved.

Curl your lashes

With an eyelash curler, you can instantly lift your lashes to make your eyes look wider. Be sure to fully cup the lashes in curler for perfect curly lashes.

If you are having a tough time applying mascara, you can use a spoon to act as a shield above your eye and apply mascara. The Best eyelash glue alternatives are available for you to attach your fake eyelashes perfectly.

We all know how mascara and a curler can make a huge difference to our eyes. Just think about how the right pair of fake lashes can give the perfect look. To choose the right one, you need to get the right style. It all depends on how your eyes look, such as almond, round, hooded, or deep-set eyes, as each of them needs a different lash. Otherwise, your eye makeup will look incomplete.

Brighten Your Waterline

You can line your lower eye waterline with a pale-colored eyeliner. It is one of the easiest tricks. Use a white pencil liner for creating a huge difference. We recommend using a beige liner that looks more natural and has a similar effect. The lower liner does not last long because you blink 1500 times a day. You should take your liner with you so that you can reapply whenever you go to the washroom.

By tightening up your upper waterline, you can make a lot of difference. For that, use a black liner to make a tight line on the upper waterline. That way, your eyelashes will have a fuller appearance, helping you open up the eyes.

Reduce Your Dark Circles

You can use a concealer to cover your dark circles. This way, your dark circles will not draw any attention to someone who is looking at your eyes.

With an illuminating concealer, you can color correct your blemishes and dark circles. Be sure to use a shade a bit lighter than your foundation as it can enhance your eyes.

If you have dark circles, apply a peach concealer as it helps to hide the purple undertones. Simply put a heavy coat of semi-transparent powder under your eye spot after concealer, and keep it steady for at least three to five minutes. After that, dust that off using a clean and fluffy brush or you can do as they used to shave them off.

Define Your Eyebrows

Filling your eyebrows is sometimes tricky. Perfectly done eyebrows can enhance the look of the face. To get the perfect eyebrows, you must shape, measure, and line your eyebrows in detail.

  • For a round face, you need to reduce the curve. You can straighten the outer third of your brow that is close above the ear.
  • For a square face, you can straighten the outer third area of your brow that is close to the center of the ear. It will balance the eyebrows with your face.
  • For a long face, you can direct the brow straight over the outer third above the ear.
  • For an oval face, the eyebrows are balanced, but to make them more perfect, you can straighten the outer third towards the ear.

Once the eyebrows are shaped, you can define the brows with a little bit of clear brow fix gel to see where you need to fill and fix. Fill the gaps with an eyebrow kit. Apply small upwards strokes, using the angled brow brush added within the eyebrow makeup kit for natural-looking hair. Seal your brow makeup with the gel to keep everything in place.

Highlight Like An Expert

Highlight does not only give life to your cheekbones, it is also the best trick for you to make your eye appear wider. Apply some glittering shadow or highlighter to the inner corner of your eyelids and under the eyebrows arches.

Contour Your Crease

Whether you choose to do natural-looking eye makeup or a smokey eye look, use the eyeshadow to create a look and outline the crease. If you like a more natural appearance, contour the eyes with a matte brown shadow in the crease. After applying that, use a soft fluffy brush to slowly mix the eyeshadow.

Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

When you add eyeshadow, you often wind up with it more than required on your lids, and it makes a total mess underneath your eyes. To prevent this, use a small piece of tape under your eyes and then remove it when done.

Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

  • Avoid using dark colors, such as black and gray shades, but you can apply some soft brown shades.
  • Avoid overloading the eyeliner as it will only make your eyes look smaller.
  • Full lashes help to open up the eyes more, so apply mascara.
  • You can also put false lashes on your eyes.
  • Using an eye mask to softly rub the area around the eyes to help alleviate water accumulation and puffiness.
  • Eye drops can be used if you really have a red-eye issue or sore eyes. The redness can make your eyes smaller, and it is unhealthy to leave them red.