Wireless Earbuds, Sleek Activity Trackers, and More: How Tech is Becoming Fashionable

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Have you got an iPad or an iPhone? They are amazing devices that are very powerful—the latest iPad Pro even comes with a magic keyboard making it more like a portable computer than ever before.

But if you love working out or traveling then you are probably looking at wearable tech like earbuds for your next purchase. They can help you get fitter, listen to music, and audiobooks on the go.

Here’s everything you need to know about what are the best wireless earbuds.

Wearable Tech

Airpods and earbuds are part of a new section of technology called ‘wearables’ or ‘wearable tech’. This is technology integrated into fashion products that is cool to wear as well as practical.

The biggest wearable tech is probably the Apple Watch. Built with several straps—some designed by brands like Nike—it’s designed to be worn when you are going for a run to keep track of your steps.

The latest iteration of the Apple Watch also allows you to measure how far you swim in terms of lengths and widths as it’s waterproof.

The Apple Watch isn’t the only fitness tracker. Fitbit is also another popular choice. This is cheaper and has a smaller interface that doesn’t include all the features of an Apple Watch such as interaction with the iPhone and the ability to take phone calls.

Earbuds as Wearable Tech

But of course, an Apple Watch is not complete without a pair of wireless earbuds such as Airpods or Airpods Pro to complete your look.

Designed in a sleek white shape that fits into the ear they are both practical and stylish. You can control your music and even make telephone calls while you run. Earbuds work best with an outfit like a tracksuit or light fitting sportswear.

Glossy adverts show people running along the beach in the morning, working out, and sporting an earbud to help them. Airpods can even give directions if you are running to a particular destination.

The AirPods Pro Look

After first releasing Airpods, Apple then released a premium version called AirPods Pro. Unlike the original Airpods which drop down your lobes, Airpods Pro have in-ear earbuds.

This means they fit snuggly in your ear and aren’t as obtrusive. They also have several extra features that appeal to the premium user.

They have noise-canceling features so that you can listen to music or instructions from Siri without distraction. Transparency mode allows you to listen in on the world around you.

Airpods Pro also comes with in-ear buds that can be adjusted to the shape of your ear making them perfect for those worried about how their wearable tech looks on them.

The AirPods and AirPods Pro form part of the ‘in-the-ear’ look where your headphones are discreet and are difficult to spot from a distance. The only issue with this technology is that they might fall out.

Although they do work with other brands of phones, the Airpods work best with iPhones, Apple Watches, and even Apple’s new MacBook Pro 16 inch because of Apple’s Ecosystem. If you want to know how to connect AirPods to MacBook be sure to look this up.

They are as much of a statement about what brand of phone you have as well as a practical and fashionable wearable tech.

The ‘Over-the-Ear’ Look

There is an alternative to the AirPods if you are considering what are the best wireless earbuds. That is the over-the-ear look. These are headphones that wrap around the entirety of the ears and are connected over-the-head.

People are sure to notify you if you are wearing these and they make more on an impact. You can be sure that they won’t fall out as they are very secure.

The fact that they are bigger and bulkier means there is more scope to customize them and for them to stand out.

Brands like Beats often come in contrasting and stark colors like bright red or white while other brands and make come in specific designs to reflect a particular musician.

These are increasingly wireless but there are still many options that contain cheaper wires.  

The Future of Wearable Tech

Today wearable tech is in its infancy. During the 2020s, we are likely to see some big developments as technology starts to infiltrate every piece of equipment in our lives and even our clothing.

Activity trackers and GPS tech will soon be integrated into special sneakers that can help you get a more accurate picture of your running technique.

Virtual reality and augmented reality headsets combine with smart sneakers are set to allow you to go for a run in some of the most stunning locations over the world, from the comfort of your own home.

Does anyone want to go running through Yosemite Park, California? Or perhaps running along a tropical beach in Thailand is more your thing.

Wear Your Earbuds and Look the Part

Earbuds are becoming ever-more popular as a form of wearable tech. People like to wear them on the beach to look cool. But they are more than just a fashionable product, they also have practical applications.

With noise-canceling functionality and Siri built into Apple’s Airpods, they allow you to listen to music while running on the beach in the morning and make phone calls without having to touch a single button.

You can even use them to amplify the sound around you if you are struggling to hear a conversation at a distance.

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