How To Accessorise With Nato Watch Straps For A Fashionable Finish

NATO watch straps are singular pieced straps that are durable, sleek, straightforward, and lightweight. This fashionable accessory was designed by the British Ministry of Defence during 1973. After the World War II, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) required an NSN (NATO stock number) for battle equipment which incorporates watches and straps. Hence, the inspiration for its sleek accent comes from the military during the said war.

Interestingly, during demanding military work, soldiers didn’t have to worry about a damaged spring bar because the watch wouldn’t fall off from their wrists. This is one pertinent reason NATO watch straps have become a hit today.

Hence, if you opt to buy one, it would be best to educate yourself ahead on how you could pair and wear the watch straps every day. Here are easy ways to help you out:

1. Choose A Safe Colour Which Can Compliment Your Usual Outfits

NATO watch straps come in versatile colours. For this reason, learn to maximise its purpose by deciding on a colour that can match your present wardrobe scheme.

You can opt for solid, earth-toned shades to compliment basic outfits. If you like your strap to look sleeker, go for a strap made from leather material over cloth. have a new leather range which you can check out ahead to know if the available ones fit your personal style and preferences. However, if you want your straps to be unique, then you can go for two different colour stripes.

Furthermore, if you do have a wide scope of colour palettes in your closet, then you can absolutely buy different colours for varying occasions. Take this opportunity to experiment and learn which goes well with a corresponding dress code.

2. Opt For Casual Clothes

NATO straps are perfect for daily use as you run an errand, do groceries, or even as you catch the next train to work. The strap’s extra durability allows you not to worry if it starts to loosen up. Also, these straps can supplement a subtle amount of casual flare to your look.

Majority of the strap’s styles are best accessorised with a casual outfit. For the most part, you can pair these straps with tees, jeans, button-downs, polo shirts, and the like. For male casual outfits, you may keep your clothes simple and rock it with a striped coloured strap. For females, you can wear your NATO strap with your usual, casual patterned dress.

3. Experiment With A Formal Attire

Despite its quirky features, NATO watch straps can look outstanding with a slim-fitted suit, blouse or with any formal outfit. For business meetings, a simple, classic NATO strap is the way to go. The strap can also become your fashion statement during job interviews, weddings, and other social occasions. It’s a convenient way to limit outfit complications.

The Bottom Line

Due to its growing popularity, NATO watch straps now have new colour and style options which can be enjoyed by various individuals. No matter the occasion or activity, NATO watch straps are versatile enough to become your go-to accessory.