Rompers That Make Lounging Fashionable

In 2020, we all did a bit more lounging than usual. When all you can do is stay home and binge watch TV and movies all day, you’re only really dressing for comfort. This is awesome—it means we all got to take a breather and relax for once. But at some point, sometimes we just want to look a little more fashionable.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Or fashion for comfort. You can have both by throwing on one of these stylish rompers.

How a Romper Does it All

How can one piece of clothing accomplish so much? A romper can offer fashion and comfort all in one by being an entire outfit within a single piece of clothing that you just slip on your body.

Casual Comfort

With all of the casual fabrics you can buy a romper in, like jersey, linen, or even terry cloth, your romper can provide all-day comfort. These breathable, easy-to-move-in fabrics have enough stretch and give that you can lay down, sit on the couch, even do some light stretching if you need to without worrying about causing damage to the garment.

Rompers also put comfort first, with a relaxed fit that doesn’t tug or pull in uncomfy places or ride up. The fact that it includes shorts and a top means it won’t make you overheat, so you can curl up in a blanket or throw your favorite comfy sweater over it, too.

Plus, there’s the added element of a romper being a two-in-one deal. A romper is a top and shorts situation, meaning you literally only have to pick a single piece to dress your whole body. What more could you ask for?

Fashionable and Stylish

We all love our sweatpants and t-shirts, but sometimes we do crave an outfit that looks a bit classier from time to time. A romper offers you an outfit that’s been a classic and in style for a century now.

A romper is the perfect mix of put-together and casual, so you can look dressed for the occasion no matter what it is (even if the “occasion” is a date with your couch, your TV remote, and a pizza.)

Rompers are offered in a large array of colors, styles, and fabrics, so it’s easy to find the right one that suits your personality and unique sense of style. Want something frilly for an afternoon picnic? There’s a romper like that. Want something with sleeves for a movie marathon? There’s a romper like that, too.

Here are a few examples of some cute rompers that you can rock to your next lounge sesh.

Ruffle Sleeve Classic Romper

If you’re trying to win the award for best-dressed in the living room, you can go for a nice frilly romper with short flutter sleeves and flowy shorts. This one makes you look flirty and waaaay more put-together than you may feel, with no outfit-planning hassle. You can look fancy without putting in the amount of effort that “fancy” can require.

Sweater Knit Romper

If you’re just going to spend the afternoon watching an entire season of your favorite show with your partner, a sweater knit romper is exactly what you need. This can give the same effect as “real people clothes” without necessarily having to act like a real person. It looks just as nice as a nicer outfit, while still feeling like you’re just wearing a big sweatshirt. This romper pairs well with snacks.

Jersey Knit Short Sleeve Romper

For temperatures that are warming up a bit, go with a jersey knit romper that offers more breathable fabric. This one is perfect for a stroll in the park or walking the dog, while still looking fashionable.

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