When to Wear a Gaghara Choli

The Gaghara choli is a traditional style of clothing that comes from the subcontinent of India and is worn by both children and adults. This style of clothing is actually one of the most popular ethnic clothing styles in the world for women and is instantly recognizable as being of Indian origin.

Clothing has always been one of the most beautiful ways that cultures express themselves and show a sense of community and belonging. When it comes to the Gaghara choli, there is actually a wide variety of ways to wear these clothes. This lends this particular style of clothing to being worn for a variety of reasons. If you have been wondering what exactly a Gaghara choli is and when you can wear it, here is everything you need to know!

What Are the Pieces of a Gaghara Choli?

This traditional style of clothing is composed of three pieces that can lend themselves to a variety of different styles. The good thing about the Gaghara choli is that it has evolved with the times over the years and it’s not hard to find pieces that are styled and unique yet still hold to traditional values that make them recognizable.

Lashkaraa brings a unique blend of traditional components and beautiful, modern style to this kind of clothing in a way that allows women to create creative, fresh, and innovative looks. These are the three pieces that make up a Gaghara choli!

The Lehenga

This is the bottom half o the outfit and is composed of a piece of cloth cut into a skirt. These pieces can vary and have different styles. What’s more, is that the kind of fabric that makes up a lehenga can have a big impact on where it can be worn. For instance, if a person wants to wear a lehenga at the office, or just around town getting errands done, then a light, breathable material of a solid color would be a great option.

At the same time, these can also be deeply ornate and eye-catching. A lehenga can be made of premium cloth such as silk. It can also have ornate embroidery and colorful patterns that can make it the perfect piece for a formal event like a wedding or a gala.

The Dupatta

The dupatta is the large scarf that pulls this entire look together and also works as one of the greatest accent pieces of the outfit. Traditionally these scarves can be draped around the shoulders and are not usually something that draws attention. However, if a person was looking to stylize their overall outfit, the dupatta is a great place to get creative.

The scarf can be worn in a way that can create a couple of different looks from one Gaghara choli, either around the waste bridging the blouse and the lehenga, or draped over the shoulders framing the body. The dupatta can also act s the main statement piece and have a unique design as well as a unique cut that’s meant to draw attention.

The Choli

The choli is the fitted blouse that tops the entire outfit off. This blouse is typically high and allows for a space between the lehenga and the choli to exist. This space can either remain exposed, which will frame a part of the woman’s mid-region, or it can be covered using the dupatta.

When Can You Wear a Gahgara Choli?

While this style of clothing is more on the traditional side of things, the truth is that you can wear a Gahgar choli for almost any kind of event or reason. This three-piece suit can be styled for various events and can achieve a plethora of different levels of formality. One of the most important aspects of wearing a Gahgar Choli, despite the event or reason, is that you feel confident and good about what you are wearing.

This entire style of clothing has its roots in tradition, however, it’s meant to be enjoyed by women today. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing a Gahgar choli in a way that makes you feel confident, beautiful, strong, and even modern. With the right kind of style, you can marry the two concepts well and keep the traditional core components of the Gahgara Choli while styling it to fit your specific tastes.

Traditionally the Gahgara Choli was worn for special events like weddings or formal parties. While this is still the case because this style of clothing lends itself well to beautiful patterns, robust, strong color pallets, and can be accented by jewelry, you can definitely wear a Gahgar choli for informal reasons.

With a more modern take on this traditional style of clothing, you can find Gahgara choli which can be worn for more day-to-day occasions. Everything from a stylish choice for the office, to something light and breathable as you run errands for the day, can all be occasions to put on a favorite Gahgara choli.