What to Wear to an Outside Wedding: A Guide

Wedding season is around the corner, which means you need to be ready. Check out this breakdown on what to wear to an outside wedding!

We are on the cusp of wedding season beginning. After RSVP’ing and booking your reservations for the ceremony and reception, you’re going to need to find something to wear.

Taking into consideration the season itself, it is safe to say that there will be at least a few outdoor weddings to attend. During the peak wedding season when 78% of weddings take place between May and October, many couples will invite their guests somewhere scenic to celebrate.

Do you know what to wear to an outside wedding?

You’ll need to be ready to party with your friends and family, and look amazing while you do it. Here are some things to consider when you’re searching for your perfect ensemble.

The Month

Take into account which month the nuptials are happening in.

During April and May, softer spring colors may be more appropriate to consider. Mellow greens, blues, pinks, and yellows are all soft and enchanting colors to celebrate the warmer weather with.

Details to consider for an April and May wedding might also be knee-length to tea-length dresses. Sweet touches like pearlized beading and fringe can give the softer colors some sass.

During the summer months of June, July, and August, punchier, more tropical colors are on the table. Ocean blues, leafy green, coral pinks, and more dramatic splashes of black and white (but not full white!) are acceptable to wear. Adding a metallic or summery touch, like a beachy or floral necklace, can give the ensemble some oomph.

September and October months lend the end of summer and autumn colors of burnt orange, deeper reds, purples, and evergreens to the table.

The Location

Consider the location and the climate you will be visiting! Do you know what to wear to an outside wedding where you’re going?

Cruise weddings are great for so many reasons because you know you will be visiting a beautiful location, and because you can bring a fabulous wardrobe with you. Cruise weddings mix beachwear with formal wear.

Imagine, descending from a curved staircase into a reception in a brightly colored formal gown. Is the wedding on deck? Something tropical, or flowy, with or without straps, but allowing the sun to graze your shoulders is completely appropriate.

Is the wedding taking place in a vineyard? Consider your footwear.

Nobody has fun walking through the grass in a stiletto, let alone a kitten heel. Plan to wear flats, sandals, or wedges that work well on grass. In this case, it may be valuable to build your outfit up from the literal ground up.

The Crowd

Remember who you are celebrating. What is their personality? Is the wedding Halloween themed in October? Which island is the cruise ship visiting, and where is it launching from?

Are these your friends from college that you hit the clubs with? Check in to see what their style has evolved to now, and match your own evolved taste to theirs.

Do You Know What to Wear to an Outside Wedding?

Take into consideration all of the different factors from your comfort to your location. Remember, you can always bring a wrap or a cover-up, that can tone down or bold out whatever you choose.

What to wear to an outside wedding, you ask? You can find the perfect outfit for a wedding, by combining your own personal style with the setting the couple has arranged.