Wearing Slides Vs. Flip Flops

Slide sandals and flip flops are some of the most popular shoes out today. They’re both great for lots of reasons. These include their convenience, level of comfort, style, versatility and affordability.

Even though they’re both technically sandals, there are still some big differences between the two shoes, so knowing which one is better for you can be tough to figure out. Here is a small breakdown of the pros and cons of both slides and flip flops. Reading and learning about these differences can help you make the best decision for yourself.

Pros of Flip Flops

Flips flops tend to get a bad reputation, however, there are definitely some positives of wearing them! For starters, they’re a great shoe for traveling. Since they’re relatively small, flat and flexible, you can always squeeze them into your suitcase or backpack. And because they’re so good for traveling, they’re a good ‘throw away’ or a nice one to get in an emergency. You can always find a pair at the store and they’re usually under $10, which is fantastic, especially if you just need them temporarily.

You can also find high-quality, long lasting flip flops too. While they’re more expensive than the $10 plastic ones you find elsewhere, they provide more comfort and style. Usually these shoes are made from leather and last several years. While the cheaper ones are popular to a certain degree, the leather ones have been considered a wardrobe essential for the past few years now.

Cons of Flip Flops

While there are great things about wearing flip flops, there are also several reasons why they have a somewhat negative reputation. Because they are so thin and lack support, they can cause foot issues and cause lots of long-term damage. The most common injuries from wearing flip flops are inflamed tendons, joint pain, and sprained ligaments.

Additionally, since they are so thin, they can get punctured or ripped fairly easily, which ruins the shoe and also opens up the wearer to possible harm. Even if you’re wearing a leather pair, while they might not tear as easily, the chances of injury are still quite high.

Pros of Slides

Slides are arguably some of the best shoes that you can wear. They’re stylish, comfortable, affordable, and they’re also recommended by both doctors and physical therapists. They can be worn with anything and throughout the majority of the year too. They come in many different materials too like leather, rubber, and cork, all of which provide great support and comfort. Because of this, they’re becoming known for being great walking shoes, as they form to your feet and provide plenty of support to the arches and even have a positive impact on the wearer’s back.

Since there is such a diverse variety of slides, you will have no trouble finding a pair to match your needs and unique style. For example, this year colored slides, especially pink and yellow slides are in style.

Cons of Slides

Despite there being so many great reasons to wear slides, there are too, some disadvantages of them. Similarly to flip flips, wearing slides for too long can sometimes cause long-term issues. Of course, this doesn’t happen with all slides, so stay away from ill-fitting ones or ones that aren’t made from good materials.

If you enjoy wearing slides, be sure to change into a different shoe while playing outside or while playing sports. Slides are ideal for wearing after those activities, but not during them.  Depending on the material used, usually rubber, they can be punctured too, just like flip flops, injuring your foot.

While both have obvious advantages and disadvantages to them, they’re both a good shoe to have as options. Before buying some for yourself, be sure to try on both styles, compare and contrast them, and really figure out which ones are the best for you.