Different Eyebrow Shapes for Different Types of Face

For many women today, eyebrows are one of the important parts of styling when applying makeup. Many prefer to have thick and bushy eyebrows, too. But as we’ve mentioned in our article about Random Facts About Fashion, during the Renaissance period, women used to shave them off, which will be quite strange if done today.

In the present time, there are so many different shapes of eyebrows that are making rounds. Though this gives us many choices, it is also challenging to figure out what style of the eyebrow will be most flattering to your face. Many people have shapeless eyebrows due to low hair growth, they should get eyebrow extensions from experts like projectbaddie.com. They will help you get the natural look and shape according to your face. Although you must know the methods of selecting the best shape.

How do you think you can choose the right eyebrow shape for your face if you do not have access to a pro? If you are wondering about the shape of eyebrows that are perfect for the shape of your face, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of the different eyebrow shapes for different types of faces.


1. Eyebrows Arched Toward the Tail

This eyebrow shape is perfect for those who have round faces. It has an arch right before the outer corner of the eyebrow. Therefore, if you have a round face, you can try and give yourself an arched eyebrow so you won’t have a round brow on a round face. But this eyebrow style also looks amazing on almost any face shape. 

2. Eyebrows Arched in the Middle

If your eyebrows arch naturally toward the center than the ends, you can work with that well. All you have to do is ask a salon pro to clean up some stray hairs under the highest part of your arch without making a peak. It’s because creating a peak on this eyebrow shape will result in a constantly surprising aura. 

3. Eyebrows with High Arches

There are also some people who prefer to have an extra high arch that is well above the brow bone. This will create an extra defined and lifted look. However, if you want to achieve that look, an arch toward the tail is better and not toward the center. 

4. Eyebrow Arches that are Barely There

There are many people who have a subtle, natural arch to their eyebrows. These eyebrows look fantastic even without significant shaping. If you have this eyebrow shape, all you have to do is to maintain them using a sharp tweezer. Then, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse areas, and you are good to go. It is also great for all face shapes. 

5. Rounded Eyebrows

There are face shapes in which an eyebrows arch does not have to be angular. Softly rounded eyebrows are sometimes more flattering, especially if the rest of your face has sharper features. For example, if you have an angled face, then a rounder and fluffier eyebrow can help soften your look. 

6. Straight Eyebrows

If your eyebrows do not have natural arches, you don’t have to create one, as straight eyebrows also look amazing at any width. You just need to keep them brushed with a spoolie for a polished look. They also look great on almost all face shapes.

7. Tapered Eyebrows

Tapered eyebrows look quite similar to eyebrows that are arched toward the tail. However, its inner two-thirds is a lot thicker than its ends. If you want to achieve this look, but your eyebrows are the same width throughout, it will need more maintenance which also includes regular face waxing. 

woman with a beautiful eyebrow

8. S-Shaped Eyebrows

An s-shaped eyebrow begins in the center and then dips down subtly before rising into the arch. This is natural for some, and others try to correct it with shaping and makeup. But even without shaping or using makeup, s-shaped eyebrows still look fabulous on a lot of face shapes. 

9. Short and Thick Eyebrows

There is also the thick brow trend. It is the style of a brow that is both short and thin and could read as barely there. Having this eyebrow shape can make a person look younger. Therefore, if you don’t have particularly long eyebrows, you are a perfect candidate for this brow trend.

10. Extra-Long Tail Eyebrows

This is a dramatic arched eyebrow look that can go to great lengths, with the tail extending well beyond the outer corner of the eye. You can achieve this look by using a brow pomade in a shade that is identical to your hair to add a touch of tapered length to the tails of your eyebrows. 

These are some of the different eyebrow shapes for various face types. Eyebrows are indeed one of the details on your face that can change your look very well. We hope that this helps you in choosing the best eyebrow shape that will suit your face and preferences.