Tips And Tricks On How To Choose The Perfect Shapewear For Yourself

You’ve probably gone through dozens of shapewear designs on Wal-Mart or Simons, but are still unsure which would actually fit. You want something magical; a pick that defines your true being and that gives you such a perfect sense of satisfaction following the trend without compromising your body shape and general look.

After all, shapewear flies so well that a lot of celebrities wear them on the red carpet. Who wouldn’t want a perfect one? The only problem is that shapewear has gotten so popular that every designer out there is working on a piece at one time or another making it harder to choose from a seemingly endless array of styles and fabrics.

The first thing you must know is that everyone is created differently and has unique features. The choice of shapewear you make must be carefully thought of concerning your body size, shape, and form. This is your chance to celebrate yourself in a shapewear way no one else can.

Here are some unique tips and tricks that will help you select the right shapewear from for your body type:

Go For Cotton-Mixed Shapewear

Most shapewear is made of nylon and spandex. These are synthetic fabrics that don’t give enough room for air circulation. While this works well in colder climates where body heat conservation is paramount, you’ll easily sweat out in warmer periods.

Good enough, several brands sell both shapewear types: winter and summer shapewear, and at, you’ll get high quality picks of shapewear that has cotton-mixed versions of the original nylon products to match both climates. Wacoal,  a High-Waist Mid-Thigh shapewear, for example, is mixed with cotton to enhance moisture absorption and breathability. It also comes with microfiber for odor control.

Go For Your Size

Ladies love that superb city model look and oft’ try to size down for some firmer look. Close observers and fashion critics point that such a move creates unpleasant bulges here and there with some discomfort too. Everyone would finally see you’re actually bigger than you intend to appear. What could be more embarrassing?

When you go picking shapewear, choose one that you find easy to take off and wear with ease. It shouldn’t have those gaps that make it seem not to stay in place. Test it by sitting and walking around as you wear it just to make sure you’re comfortable in it.

Go For Strong Constriction For Total Figure Transformation

This can be achieved by using shapewear with lesser nylon content.  A garment will alter your shape if it is mostly made of nylon. A lightweight, fashion-friendly option is designed to and would simply smoothen out targeted spots on your figure. Heavier fabrics come with compression zones that fill up spaces and bring your body into shape.

Go For High-Waist Shapewear

When you use high-waisted wear, they provide a smooth line up the torso. Use those that go up to the bra line. For a better fitting, make sure they’re hooked to your bra so they won’t slip down.

Go For A Full Bodysuit For Complete Body Shaping

Most people would rather complete their shapewear outfit with a bodysuit. The bodysuit gives your entire body a perfect streamlined shape, and you won’t have to worry about finding separate top and bottom pieces that work.

The round-body shaper is every woman’s favorite especially for those who want their chest to have a slimmer look. It gives a chest-flattening effect like sports bras which most would love.

Go For The Right Butt Shaper

If you’d like to bring out the shape of your butt while in your shapewear, then be sure to look out for that feature while testing and buying. There are a variety of shorts that are worth trying out for a perfect derriere.

The butt inclined shapewear works by lifting and separating the butt cheeks to display a full rounded bottom. Keep in mind that it also flattens your stomach and smooths out love handles in the process.

Go For Tights With Inbuilt Shapewear To Tone The Legs

When you wear tights over shapewear, you’re actually putting Nylon blends next to each other. This will shift the tights to the side and create an extra layer in the thigh region. This way seams would show through your clothes.

To close, all shapes and sizes of the body are beautiful and everyone has a unique build. When you wear shapewear, you aren’t changing the way it looks. Rather, you’re bringing out the full potential of your body, feeling confident about it, and also loving yourself the more.

Get shapewear not to torture yourself to please others, but to feel content and happy.