Tips for Picking a Fashionable Yoga Bra

Yoga is a relaxing workout that will enhance both your mind and body. For women, even if it’s not as extreme as other workout routines and exercises, you still need to pay proper attention to the health of your breasts when practicing yoga. It’s because they do not have muscles, and any wear and tear to the loose breast tissues are highly possible, especially when doing difficult poses. The best way to keep them protected is by wearing a yoga bra or sports bra.

A yoga bra is indispensable for physically active women. It acts as a support to breasts, preventing them from sagging and injury. Aside from giving you protection, a yoga bra can also be used to look more fashionable in your yoga sessions. You can find many different kinds and styles of yoga bras in the market and even in online stores like Ana Heart.

If you are looking into buying yoga bras, but you want to find fashionable ones, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are giving you tips and information on how to pick a fashionable yoga bra.

Different Types of Yoga Bras

When choosing a yoga bra, it depends on the kind or level of yoga practice you are in, and as well as the size of your breasts. Yoga bras or sports bras fall into three categories, which are compression, encapsulation, and encapsulation-compression.

  • Compression Yoga Bras: Compression yoga bras hold your breasts in place by compressing them, or pushing them against your body. This works best for those who wear an A,B, or even a C-cup. It is a comfortable type of yoga braand is usually wire-free.
  • Encapsulation Yoga Bras:Encapsulation yoga bras feature a cup for each breast, and they usually have an underwire, separating the breasts and holds them in place. If your yoga routines are more challenging, these are ideal because they can help in reducing strain, and it can also eliminate bounce.
  • EncapsulationCompression Yoga Bras: This is a combination of the compression and encapsulation types of yoga bras. They can push your breasts against your body and as well as keep them in place in the space of the individual cups. This type of yoga bra works well for all sizes, especially those with DD+ figures. They have underwires, too, which offer support and structure. 

The Best Yoga Bra Back Styles

After knowing what type of yoga bra will best fit you, it’s time to go to the fun part, which is looking fashionable in your yoga bra. Yoga bras come in different styles and designs to fit your personal aesthetics. It’s also essential to look fashionable when practicing yoga because when you look and feel good, you will be even more motivated to perform the workout. To know your options, here are some of the most fashionable yoga bra back styles:

  • Crisscross: This yoga bra back style features two straps in a cross design. These straps, aside from looking fashionable, can also provide maximum flexibility, making you feel more comfortable when practicing yoga. Crisscross yoga bras are usually pullovers, but there are also those in clasp designs. Either of them look stylish.
  • Racerback:This yoga bra back style is a silhouette that is perfect when you wear T-back tank tops when practicing yoga. It is a simple but fashionable choice, plus, its straps stay in place. However, these straps are usually not adjustable. Therefore, if you will be getting this style, you need to make sure that the fit is perfect.
  • Tank Top: If you do not want to show much skin when practicing yoga, you can also go with a tank top that has a built-in bra. This is actually a great choice for yoga and other low-impact activity because its support tends to be light. It is also great when you are sweaty as it has fewer layers. 

The Best Yoga Bra Front Styles

women doing yoga exercises

Aside from choosing stylish back styles of yoga bras, there are also fashionable yoga bra front styles to give you more options. Here are some of the best ones we can recommend for a more fashionable look:

  • High-Neck Yoga Bras: Yoga bras that have a high-neck style usually have straps that cut closer to the neck, giving you’re a flattering silhouette. Aside from style, it can also offer very good support, even for women with larger busts.
  • Low-Cut Yoga Bras: If you are looking for a fashionable yoga bra that is breathable at the same time, then you can go for low-cut yoga bras. These facilitatethe circulation of air between the breasts as you sweat while practicing yoga. You can also pair them with V-neck workout shirts.
  • Push-Up Yoga Bra: If you have a smaller cup, then a push-up yoga bra can give you a boost and make you look more stylish, as well. Also, instead of underwire, this type of yoga bra uses padding to provide support. This means that it can also maintain comfort all throughout your yoga session.
  • Seamless Yoga Bra: When you say seamless, it means that it is wire-free, reducing the chance of chafing. This is also a comfortable and fashionable choice for yoga and other medium- and low-impact activities.
  • ZipFront Yoga Bra: If you are having trouble putting on and taking off your yoga bra, then you can opt for a front-close one. One option for this is a zip-front yoga bra, which is perfect for average-size breasts. It has a zipper-lock to stay secure during yoga sessions. Most of them also have fabric-backed designs to prevent chafing.
  • ClaspFront Yoga Bra: Another option for a front-close yoga bra is the clasp-front. It is easier to get on and off via its clasp in the front. This means that there are no bulges in the back, too, when you use this style, making you look more fashionable. However, this style of yoga bra is not adjustable. 

These are some of the best tips and recommendations we can give on picking a fashionable yoga bra. When choosing a yoga bra, it is also important to make comfort a priority more than looking stylish. But with the many styles and designs of yoga bras to choose from, you will surely find one that will help you come up with the best sporty outfit that will make you look fashionable in your next yoga class.