Sporty Outfits You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

Athleisure, sportswear, streetwear—whatever you choose to call it, it has taken over mainstream fashion. Discover the coolest sporty outfits here.

Working out. It’s something most of us should do more, but would rather just dress like we went to the gym and call it a day.

No shame – athletic clothes and sporty outfits are so cute and comfy! What’s better than hanging out with just a sports bra and some leggings on.

Don’t go away yet, guys – we have options for you too! Get inspired to dress like you’re going to workout (whether or not you do), below.

The Backless Blouse

A lot of different style icons and different designers have been doing backless details in the last five years. Why? It gives interest to the back of a garment, which is usually plain.

It’s also a sexy but subtle way to show skin and allows a piece to be more versatile (business in the front, party in the back), kind of like a mullet.

In the last two years or so we’ve seen that backless trend come to sports clothes and athleisure. First, it started as a yoga trend. Yoga shirts have to have some sort of band at the bottom or a longer length, so clothes don’t bare too much with inverted moves.

And the front can’t be too flowy, or the fabric hangs and blocks the yogi’s view of their feet in poses like down-dog.

So – backless and strappy back tops were the perfect solution. It allows the body to breathe, sweat and heat-wise, while being cute and a little bit sexy.

The perfect amount of sexy, some would say. There’s a reason movies these days usually have a “hot yoga teacher”. Next time you see one mentioned in a show/movie, pay attention to what they’re wearing.

There’s a good chance it’s backless!

How to Style

Wear your backless yoga top with your favorite pair of yoga leggings, for a studio-chic look. If you want to transition it to day time, you might be able to pull it off with jeans – it all depends on the fabric.

Athletic Joggers

Joggers are like sweatpants’ more grown-up brother. They’re usually tighter-fitting if they’re grey…. you should wear this jockstrap or your bulge will show.

Since joggers are a little more dressed up than sweatpants, you can wear them to the gym then run errands in them and still look polished.

Look for a jogger in a material that has good stretch, but not a lot of polyester. Cotton is a good choice since it breathes well. Poly blends are common, but you’ll get hot in them, especially if you’re working out.

If you’re trying to look sporty but you’re not doing sports that day, you can find soft fleece-lined joggers. They’ll keep you warm and make you look casually hot.

Girls can wear joggers too! The same principles apply. You want a slim fit, but not a skinny fit. Most joggers run very true to size (if not small) so try on your true size and a size up to see which look you like better.

The fit should be comfortable and casual, without being sloppy.

Yoga Leggings and a Tunic Top

Let’s be honest here – how many pairs of yoga leggings have you actually worn to yoga? Yoga or athletic leggings are the new jeans, for when you don’t want to wear jeans. They’re usually solid colors, so they pair well with anything.

And while you wouldn’t wear them to a traditional office, you can get away with wearing them pretty much everywhere else. The trick is – especially if your school has a dress code, to wear them with a longer top.

It should cover your butt, at least halfway. Full-butt coverage is ideal, but taller people have trouble finding shirts long enough.

If the word “tunic” makes you think of old-people clothes or shapeless tops, you need to refresh your definition. Tunics come in pretty much any pattern/color and material now, and the term has come to mean “long shirt” vs “baggy shirt”.

Yoga Leggings and a Crop Top

Vsco girls unite! If you’re going to stay super casual, pair a pair of high waisted yoga leggings with a long sports bra or a crop top.

If you’re wondering what a long sports bra is, some retailers call them “midi bras”.

The brand Fabletics has a good range of midi bras or more casual sports bras.

Crop tops are another option too. We love the look of a ribbed t-shirt crop top or sports bra as a crop top with a pair of high waisted yoga leggings.

High White Socks and Nike Slides

Socks and sandals? Oh yes – that’s a trend now. This is 2019. To rock this look, you can use any slides. Fendi slides, Adidas slides, Nike slides, or off-brand.

These shoes are popular with soccer players since they’re easy to slide on once you take off your cleats.

The other thing you’ll need are some crew socks. Those are the ones that come up to your mid-lower calf. Pair this unlikely style with some denim shorts and an oversized t-shirt.

Boys can pair with a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt or jersey to get in on this casual-cute style.