The Many Different Types of Wedding Dresses

Congratulations on finding the partner of your dreams! Now, it’s time to find the wedding dress of your dreams.

Shopping for the perfect wedding task can be too overwhelming at times. With so many different styles, silhouettes, fabrics, necklines, and more, it can be hard to decide on a single favorite. As soon as you step into your bridal appointment, you will be posed with many questions about wedding dresses.

Thus before you walk in, it is always good to have some idea about what your preferences are. However, never be afraid to try other styles as well. Here’s a quick and easy guide about the various types of wedding gown silhouettes and the ideal body type for each style. You can also see these styles through the online store of Avery Austin and check which matches your wedding.

A-Line or Column Silhouette

Not ready for the dramatic wedding gowns? Make sure to check out an array of wona concept wedding dresses and find the one that truly matches your style.

A-line/column style would be a great option if you don’t want to be stuck in a piece of fabric that doesn’t allow you to move, dance, and interact with the guests. With fitted bodice through the waist, these wedding dresses cascade towards the ground. The silhouette is flowy, giving you plenty of room to move. Regardless of your body type, A-lines and columns fit almost everyone perfectly, but they especially look great on petite brides and slim figures.

Though an A-line and column dress lacks in volume, it definitely is versatile. You can find these dresses in almost all types of fabric. What’s more, an A-line dress also suits all wedding styles from bohemian to beachy, or classy. To add an edge to your look, you can try coating your skirt with beads or embellished flowers.

Mermaid or Trumpet Silhouette

Looking to flaunt your Beyoncé-esque curves on your wedding day?

Look no further! The mermaid or trumpet silhouette is perfect for you. One of the most flirtatious wedding dress silhouettes, you have to confident in your skin to pull this style out. These gowns will enhance your curves or create the illusion of an hourglass shape for slim brides.

The mermaid/trumpet wedding dress flares out at the knees forming a dazzling silhouette and is often combined with beading, ruffles, and more as an added wow factor.

Ball gown or Princess Silhouette

If you have ever dreamed of experiencing a fairytale moment of your own, then the ball gown or princess silhouette can turn it into a reality.

The most classic wedding dress, thanks to the ball gown, you will get to experience the Cinderella effect on your wedding day instantly. The ball gown is accompanied by a fitted bodice that sometimes comes with a corset, and wide, full skirt. The skirt is often a combination of several layers of tulle, or crinolines.

The princess silhouette is perfect for brides who rock a slim or pear-shaped figure and want to cinch in their waist.

Empire Silhouette

With a raised waistline that rests right below your bust from where the rest of your dress cascade down to the hem, the empire silhouette is the right fit for pear-shaped brides or brides with a smaller bust. The dress draws attention to the neckline to craft definition on the hips and tummy area.

You can try adding capped sleeves or subtle beadwork to draw attention to your neckline. The empire dress also helps with covering up problem areas like short legs, long torso, or an overall pear-shaped figure.

What Neckline Do You Prefer?

Before heading to shop your wedding gown, it will be helpful to gain some understanding of the popular wedding dress necklines sweetheart, straight, plunge, scoop, high, boat neck, etc. Find out which style suits your body type and compliments your personal style. Ultimately, the neckline of your choice should make you feel incredible on your wedding day.

What Else to Consider?

Shopping for your wedding gown isn’t an easy task, but making a game plan will definitely help you. Decide where you want to go and call the stores in advance to schedule an appointment. Also, do some research about the price range of their dresses, and if they are open to alterations.

Furthermore, having some idea about the colors and fabrics will also help make your wedding dress shopping journey easy. Also, consider opting for pantsuits if wedding gowns aren’t your style.

Let Your Happiness Radiate Through

Long story short, never limit your preferences. Try different wedding dress styles to find which silhouette suits your body shape the best. Also, know that regardless of the wedding dress you choose, you will look absolutely gorgeous on your big day if you carry yourself with confidence.