How to select the best store for purchasing septum jewellery?

Do you wish to gift the most Unique septum rings to your wife, fiancé, and girlfriend? Well, the majority would say yes. In the market today, there are hundreds of shops which claim to provide the best septum jewellery. All of them put hundreds of advertisements, claiming to provide the best quality. But, consequently, it is a tough job in selecting the best one. So, the below mentioned tips will assist you in making your task much easier.

1. The jewellery must have a perfect fit.

The first quality which the Unique septum rings must possess is, that it should have a perfect fit. You will get many shops selling the standard jewellery, like 16G (1.2 mm ), 14G( 1.6 mm ), 10 mm and 8 mm in diameter. But, if you desire something specific, then you must go to only those stores, which deal in customized jewellery.

2. The store must provide handmade jewellery.

Always purchase a handmade Unique Septum Rings, since it gives a lot of adavantages. Since, it is made to order, so it provides utmost comfort on wearing, like not too loose and not too tight. Since, you know that the jewellery was created especially for you, by the particular artist, with full care, passion, and dexterity, so, you in turn care for it even more. Always enquire whether the store offers handmade pieces.

3. Quality of the jewellery.

Does the jewellery which you are purchasing, is made of the highest quality. Don’t forget to check the finish. The jewellery must be made of the following material like titanium, surgical steel, blackline, sterling silver, zircon gold , gold in karat, Teflon, bull horn, glass, bio plastic. If the rings are made of poor quality septum rings, then the rings can easily break, peel off, lead to infection or irritation, discolor and a worse outcome, than ever previously imagined. Also, check if the material of the rings conforms to the mandatory quality standards.

4. Unique style of jewellery.

The jewellery which you purchase must be of unique kind. Venture out and see plenty of shops, for getting the unique design. It must look feminine and very soothing. One way, is to avoid mass production stores and go in for small, artisan and handicraft studios. You will get an amazing collection, no doubt for sure.

5. The store must promise 100 % money back guarantee.

Stores, which have good quality products, will always give 100 % money back guarantee. Or if there is no money back guarantee, then the ring must be replaced instantly, without any questions asked, if found wanting.

After going through all these tips, you must be asking to yourself, which store will give you all these things in their products. The answer is teegono jewellery. They are a renowned jewellery store based out of San Francisco. They have a wide variety of septum rings like silver septum rings,

diamond septum rings and gold septum rings, suited to all kinds of budgets. They have an exceptional and high quality customer care service, which is accessible by phone, chat, Social Media, email and Skype. The company has a policy of free shipping worldwide. Latest technology like 3D printing and handmade touch is used while making the rings. One of the main reasons, why Teegono jewellery is so popular among customers, is that they design customized rings, depending upon the orders. Just call them and place the order, with your desired specifications. The rings will be delivered to you within the exact time frame as mentioned.

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